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Tattooed Model Jordyn Ryder

August 13 2015

Earlier this week we through up a photo of Jordyn Ryder on our Instagram and the response was immediate—you guys love her and want to see a heck of a lot more of her. We’re here to serve, so here… [ read more ]

See Which Sexy Ladies Are Waiting For You In the New Inked Girls

August 11 2015

We’re so excited about the next issue of Inked Girls that we couldn’t contain ourselves, we just had to share some of the sexy photos with you as soon as possible. When you are sitting on a treasure trove of photos… [ read more ]

Is Blac Chyna’s Latest Sexy Pic a Secret Message to Tyga?

August 6 2015

Photo Gallery Follows the Text It appears as if more shots have been fired in the most epic feud of our generation—Blac Chyna vs. Tyga and Kylie Jenner. There’s a lot of ins and outs to the whole situation so… [ read more ]

Nick ‘Swaggy P’ Young Inks His Buckets Arm

August 5 2015

Photo Gallery Follows the Text It’s impossible not to like a man who calls himself Swaggy P. Even as a Celtics fan—which makes me an avid Laker hater—Nick Young never fails to put a smile on my face. Naturally, one… [ read more ]

Beyond the Ink – Running Amok With Bridget Blonde

August 5 2015

Photo Gallery Follows the Text Alysha Nett checks in with us as often as her busy schedule will allow to give her insight on modeling, tattoos and art. She even throws in a recipe from time to time. Alysha always… [ read more ]

Inked Girls in their Underwear

August 3 2015

As of 24 hours ago we had never heard that August 5th was National Underwear Day, but if there is a holiday celebrating people in their skivvies you know that we’re on board 120%. In the following gallery we’ve collected… [ read more ]

Get in the Octagon With Ronda ArouseMe – Exclusive Pics From the MMA Porn Parody

July 31 2015

Exclusive Photo Gallery Follows the Text There’s one sure way to know that you’ve made it in America—when you see a porn parody being made about you. By this rationale MMA sensation Ronda Rousey has finally made the big time…. [ read more ]

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