sexy tattooed women

See This Country Girl Bare All

February 3 2015

Morgan Santagata, today’s Inked Girl of the Day, is making us seriously consider giving up city life. Morgan is a country girl through and through as you’ll see when you look through her gorgeous, NSFW photo gallery. On her page… [ read more ]

See How DaniCreep Likes to Party

February 2 2015

DaniCreep, today’s Inked Girl of the Day, wants the world to know that she is the life of the party. Instead of merely letting her actions do the talking, Dani is going to get some ink that makes the point… [ read more ]

Super Babe: Charmaine Glock

January 30 2015

“I Don’t Want People to Think Marshawn Lynch is Dating a Porn Star” Gallery Follows Text Instagram:¬†@charmazingg Web:¬† Almost every list of sexiest NFL wives or girlfriends (WAGs) includes the sultry and tattooed Charmaine Glock, the rumored girlfriend/baby momma of… [ read more ]

Find Out the Deep Meanings Behind Allyson’s Tattoos

January 30 2015

The way that tattoos are able to help people get through dark times can be truly astounding. Everyone loves the tattoos that they have gotten out of a love of art or just for fun but there is something extra… [ read more ]

She’ll Make You Actually Want to Work Out

January 29 2015

Despite the great desire to shed holiday poundage we find it difficult to find the motivation to actually get up and go to the gym. Of course, that might be because we’ve never had a trainer that looked even remotely… [ read more ]

It’s Hot Down in the Bayou

January 28 2015

Just like the gumbo that comes from her home state of Louisiana, Shelbey Breazeale is scorching hot. The bartender from Baton Rouge is today’s Inked Girl of the Day and we absolutely adore her NSFW gallery. When it comes to… [ read more ]

What’s Under There? A Tattoo?

January 27 2015

There is a long and storied history of men getting caught ogling women’s chests, one can assume that this has been going on since the dawn of time. Now, before you rush to conclusions one must ascertain that some times… [ read more ]