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The Tattoos of Jenna Jameson

October 27 2015

Jenna Jameson hasn’t performed in an adult film in over 7 years but she is still the most recognizable name in the industry, a fact that isn’t likely to change for decades. As one of the first adult actresses to… [ read more ]

Great Halloween Makeup by Inked Fans

October 20 2015

Halloween is our favorite day of the year—this should be abundantly obvious based off of this, this and this—so we do everything we can to turn the entire month of October into a celebration of everything creepy, macabre and spooky…. [ read more ]

Sexy Inked Girl Selfies 20

October 15 2015

Selfies get a bad rap, don’t you agree? They are constantly mocked for being self-indulgent or silly, but honestly, we have a soft spot for the pictures. They’re so candid and simple, they capture beauty in a totally different way… [ read more ]

Tattooed Model Kayla Cadorna

October 14 2015

Kayla Cadorna’s got it all—she performs with fire in the circus, dances professionally, makes friends with snakes and is drop-dead gorgeous to boot. If you have yet to become acquainted with the British model by now it’s time you do…. [ read more ]

Tattooed Model Sarah Giampapa

October 8 2015

Sarah Giampapa is one of the sexiest tattooed women on the planet. No doubt you saw her when she was featured in Inked Girls not too long ago. But if she somehow flew under your radar that’s something you need… [ read more ]

Artist and Model Courtney Lloyd

October 1 2015

It might be time to move to the UK. Sure, the food might be bland and the weather may be bleak, but the women are out of this world. Meet Courtney Lloyd. The beautiful Lloyd is not only a great… [ read more ]

Watch Sarah Mudle Rip Off Her Own Head

September 30 2015

We’re mere hours away from October which means that tattooed model Sarah Mudle is about to begin her annual countdown to Halloween. As we showed you last year, Mudle gives herself a new look each day leading up to her… [ read more ]

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