sexy tattoos

Hard Not to Stare

October 22 2014

Sometimes you just can’t help yourself and you end up staring at a person and their ink for just a second too long. Sure, you aren’t completely to blame, but sometimes you still have to pay the consequences of getting… [ read more ]

Female Back Tattoos

October 21 2014

Check out this gallery of some of the sexiest female back tattoos that we could find.

Tattooed Model Madzilla

September 16 2014

The beautiful Madzilla has appeared in Inked Girls multiple times, but that didn’t seem like any reason not to create a gallery of some of our favorite pictures of her. The gorgeous model has plenty of curves that drive us… [ read more ]

Inked Digital Dream Girl: Christie Jay

August 28 2014

Gallery follows the text. When did you first get tattooed and what’s the story behind it? My first tattoo was when I was 16. My best friend and I decided we wanted each others lips on each other forever. We… [ read more ]

Bettie Page Tattoos

August 21 2014

There were pin up models before Bettie Page and there have been pin up models since Bettie Page but it is impossible to think of any other model when thinking of pin ups. Bettie Page was THE pin up model…. [ read more ]

Women with Sleeve Tattoos

July 22 2014

While we do have ┬álot of love for small and well placed tattoos, there is nothing that gets us more excited than when we see an alluring woman with a full sleeve of ink. The rest of their bodies may… [ read more ]

Swimming in Ink

June 24 2014

Summer is prime tattoo watching season. Once it gets hot out people start shedding layers of clothing and we can finally see the ink that is underneath. There’s nothing better than seeing a sexy, tattooed woman showing off her ink… [ read more ]

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