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Facebook Fans of Inked Selfies Part 1

March 31 2014

Meet real inked girls who like and comment on our social media. Want to show off your ink here? E-mail with your selfie.

Underboob Tattoos

March 3 2014

One of the sexiest places a woman can have some ink is right under her breasts, an area we like to call the “underboob.” These cool tattoos are only seen by the lucky few and thanks to this gallery we’re… [ read more ]

Peekaboo Tattoos

February 28 2014

As much as we like watching people flaunt their ink in places that are always on display there is something special about tattoos that are hidden from plain sight most of the time. We’re talking about the kinds of tattoos… [ read more ]

Tattoos by Sir Lexi Rex

February 25 2014

While we were unable to confirm if his claim to knighthood was legitimate or not one thing we do know is that Sir Lexi Rex is a damn fine tattoo artist. Rex works out of Lo and Behold Tattoo in… [ read more ]

Lower Back Tattoos That Are Actually Good

February 24 2014

The lower back is a fantastic place to get a tattoo. Unfortunately a certain stigma has developed behind the placement thanks to a plethora of poorly thought out tattoos in that region. Luckily, there are some people out there who… [ read more ]

Female Stomach Tattoos

February 20 2014

One thing that unites many of the sexiest women in the world is the presence of fine tattoos on their stomachs. We love to see ink peeking out of the top of a woman’s pants and the bottom of their… [ read more ]

Female Hip Tattoos

February 18 2014

Even the most basic tattoo can become sexy when it is placed in just the right place on just the right person. One of our favorite places to see some ink is on the hips of gorgeous women, check out… [ read more ]

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