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Tattoos by Sir Lexi Rex

February 25 2014

While we were unable to confirm if his claim to knighthood was legitimate or not one thing we do know is that Sir Lexi Rex is a damn fine tattoo artist. Rex works out of Lo and Behold Tattoo in… [ read more ]

Lower Back Tattoos That Are Actually Good

February 24 2014

The lower back is a fantastic place to get a tattoo. Unfortunately a certain stigma has developed behind the placement thanks to a plethora of poorly thought out tattoos in that region. Luckily, there are some people out there who… [ read more ]

Feminine Stomach Tattoos

February 20 2014

One thing that unites many of the sexiest women in the world is the presence of fine tattoos on their stomachs. We love to see ink peeking out of the top of a woman’s pants and the bottom of their… [ read more ]

Heart Tattoos

February 14 2014

Here is a gallery filled with people who like to wear their heart on their sleeve, their tattooed sleeve that is. Hearts have always been a sign of romance and we find many of these tattoos to be quite romantic…. [ read more ]

Girls with Skull Tattoos

January 29 2014

We’re not sure the exact reason why but there is something incredibly sexy about a girl with a skull tattoo. Some of the skull tattoos we found were dark and morbid while others were bright and cheerful. The one uniting… [ read more ]

Flower Tattoos

January 22 2014

The sad thing about giving someone flowers is that in a very short time they will wilt and die, but if you give someone a flower tattoo you don’t have to worry about that. Check out this gallery of colorful… [ read more ]

Hattie Watson

January 21 2014

It’s no secret that here at we are quite fond of tattooed women. What you may not know is that redheads have a special place in our heart. The reigning queen tattooed redhead in our books is the gorgeous… [ read more ]

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