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Girls with Skull Tattoos

January 29 2014

We’re not sure the exact reason why but there is something incredibly sexy about a girl with a skull tattoo. Some of the skull tattoos we found were dark and morbid while others were bright and cheerful. The one uniting… [ read more ]

Flower Tattoos

January 22 2014

The sad thing about giving someone flowers is that in a very short time they will wilt and die, but if you give someone a flower tattoo you don’t have to worry about that. Check out this gallery of colorful… [ read more ]

Hattie Watson

January 21 2014

It’s no secret that here at we are quite fond of tattooed women. What you may not know is that redheads have a special place in our heart. The reigning queen tattooed redhead in our books is the gorgeous… [ read more ]

I Have Eyes Too

January 17 2014

Sometimes we lose ourselves when looking at an alluring woman and completely forget to look into their eyes. It’s not that we’re not gentlemen, honestly. It’s that their ink is so distracting we just have to stare. Enjoy this gallery… [ read more ]

Pinup Girl Tattoos

January 10 2014

Samantha Ford tattoos out of Silver Needles in the United Kingdom. The talented Ford specializes in portrait work, especially vintage pinup girl portraits. This gallery contains some of her finest work, enjoy.

Peacock Tattoos

January 3 2014

Peacocks are not only known for their beautiful plumage but also for the cockiness with which the male peacock shows off that plumage. In many ways a parallel can be drawn between the way a peacock shows off it’s feathers… [ read more ]

Inked and Elegant

December 26 2013

We here at Inked spend a great deal of time arguingĀ  that tattoos and sophistication are not mutually exclusive. The perfect ink can look just as sophisticated on a beautiful woman as a set of pearls. To make our point… [ read more ]

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