Giveaway: Bell Helmets Limited Edition Red Bull 2013 Grand Prix Helmet

July 15 2013

Bell Helmets and Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, today unveiled a commemorative helmet in honor of the 2013 Red Bull U.S. Grand Prix, taking place July 19-21 at the famed Northern California raceway. A limited run of the helmet will be… [ read more ]

Basketball star John Wall gets first tattoos

June 24 2013

Despite years of being praised for not having any tattoos, basketball star John Wall recently decided to get quite a few pieces inked on his chest and back. Unlike many basketball stars, Wall wants his tattoos to be extremely discrete… [ read more ]

Brittney Griner Shows Off Her Tattoos

June 20 2013

22 year old Brittney Griner has become the player to watch after being drafted by the . Along with her new position in the WNBA, the basketball star has been able to come out about her sexuality, be recruited for… [ read more ]

Kevin Durant’s Permanent Typo

June 3 2013

NBA player, Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder revealed his newest piece of ink, a lengthy biblical quote from the book of James, on his Instagram last week. Unfortunately, it was the careful eye of one of his fans… [ read more ]

Halle Berry’s tattoo of regret

April 26 2013

As a spokes model for the makeup brand Revlon most would not expect Halle Berry to have a tattoo. Her tattoo of regret is of her ex husbands name, David Justice, and is located on her right butt cheek. She… [ read more ]

J.R. Smith is getting a new tattoo if Knicks win the championship

April 22 2013

A new form of celebration for J.R. Smith is getting new ink. If the Knicks win the championship title then Smith will get orange and blue ink. It has been 40-years since the Knicks have won their last title so… [ read more ]

Dolphins Fan Tattoos Logo on Skull

August 24 2012

Okay, so we’ve seen our share of epic fandom tattoos, but get ready for another. Miami Dolphiins fan Emmett Dove has gotten a tattoo of his favorite team’s logo. On his head. But apparently, the Dolphins are discussing the possibility… [ read more ]

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