Sports Fan Gets $1,700 Tattoo of Favorite Team

August 17 2012

Oh, you thought you were the mega-ultra-super fan of the [insert sport team name here] team? Well Zack Smartt and his $1,700 Alabama Crimson Tide back tattoo are laughing at you. The college football tat features a giant elephant wading… [ read more ]

Jason Terry Hopes New Tattoo Brings Championship

August 13 2012

NBA star Jason Terry is no stranger to getting tattoos related to his job.When he was on the Dallas Mavericks, Terry got a tattoo of the Larry O’Brien trophy tattooed on his right bicep during what would end up being… [ read more ]

Fans Get Team GB Medal Count Tattoos

August 13 2012

The Olympics might be over, but for four fans, they will have a permanent reminder of how Team Great Britain did in the games.Luke Williams, owner of Top Notch Tattoos in Llandudno, North Wales, got the idea for the medal… [ read more ]

Ride the rail, wave, & crowd with ink: US Open of Surfing at Huntington Beach

August 6 2012

When it comes to the combination of surfing, skateboarding, live music, and little clothing, only one place comes to mind: Southern California. It comes as no surprise that the Nike US Open of Surfing is currently being held at Huntington… [ read more ]

A Collection Of Olympian Tattoos

August 6 2012

As the athletes competing in London focus on getting gold, many spectators are focusing on the different types of tattoos that the Olympians are sporting.The Dark Room has gathered 50 photos of some of the wide array of ink that… [ read more ]

Olympic Tattoos Are The Trend In London

August 6 2012

Forget swimming and gymnastics- the buzz around London are the tattoos being sported by the competing Olympians.Local tattoo shops in the host city are reporting a boost in business by the athletes and those involved in the events. The signature… [ read more ]

Technology Review: Optrix HD Rugged for iPhone

July 11 2012

If you are into extreme sports or just as they say, “f*$king sh** up,” this is action sports camera and phone case for you. Although at first it can be a little challenging to assemble, the instruction manual is more… [ read more ]

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