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SullenTV: Tattoo Timelapse with Aric Taylor

March 12 2014

Tattooist Aric Taylor, also known as The Dark Horse, has been tattooing since 1996. Skilled in both black and grey and color work, Taylor is currently located at Art Junkies Tattoo Studio. Now you can see Aric Taylor’s skills in… [ read more ]

Jean-François (Jef) Palumbo Tattoos

February 21 2014

Jean-François (Jef) Palumbo is a tattoo artist who lives and works in Belgium, at the tattoo and piercing studio Boucherie Moderne. Palumbo’s works are highly original, conceptual, and contemporary. He creates a colorful, surreal world where images typical of street art… [ read more ]

SullenTV: Portfolio Peek w Lettering Specialist Big Sleeps

February 10 2014

Line work is one of the most fundamental skills for any tattoo artist to have, so when working almost strictly in fine-line lettering, an artist knows to strive towards perfection. Sullen TV presents another episode of “Portfolio Peek” featuring L.A…. [ read more ]

Under the Skin with Roman Abrego

January 10 2014

Sullen TV presents viewers with a day in the life of color realism tattooist, Roman Abrego, in this episode of “Under the Skin.” Take an inside look on how Abrego got his start in the industry as he progresses through… [ read more ]

The Realistic Tattoos of John Anderton

December 17 2013

John Anderton , Supreme Overlord of Nemisis Tattoo (Seaham, UK), is an award-winning expert in his field, currently enjoying realism work and large-scale challenges in his tattoo art.

Corey Miller’s Perfect Portrait

December 13 2013

This mash-up between a little girl and her portrait tattoo shows just how amazing Corey Miller is as an artist. Yes, the man is a TV star but this recent photo posted on Instagram is a reminder that beyond the… [ read more ]

Tattoos By Phatt German

December 12 2013

Phatt German, currently working at No Regrets Studio Cheltenham, is a real all-rounder, taking on work from traditional, to Japanese, to his own take on colour realism and skulls,  and everything in between. Facebook: Tumblr: Studio-No Regrets Studio Cheltenham:

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