Tattoo Artists

Where to Get Your Friday the 13th Tattoos

February 13 2015

It’s Friday the 13th and that can only mean one thing…. No. We’re not talking about Jason stalking around and carving up the teenagers of Camp Crystal Lake. We’re talking about cheap tattoos! It’s a tradition for tattooists to spend… [ read more ]

Tattooists and Their Valentines

February 12 2015

Valentine’s Day is almost here! So in celebration of the holiday of love, we wanted to show a little love for some of our favorite tattoo artists and their special someones! Take a look here to see who your favorite… [ read more ]

That’s Using Your Head

February 11 2015

Ivano Natale was really using his head when he designed the amazing tattoo you see above. OK, that was a bad joke, we’re sorry. Please don’t let our poor attempt at humor sour you on this unbelievable black and grey… [ read more ]

Mike Giant’s Rocky Mountain High Art

February 10 2015

The multi-talented Mike Giant is the Swiss Army Knife of artists. Whatever the job demands, Giant has the skills to mold it into fine art. Photography, graffiti, skateboard design, tattoos—all of these are old hat to Giant. For his third… [ read more ]

Kids Ink

February 10 2015

One of our favorite contributing photographers Robert0 Chamorro has some photogenic children. “When I’m bored I draw on my kids,” he says. They like having tats like daddy.” Following are a few play-time-with-daddy shots including the Christmas card he sent with… [ read more ]

Red Skull Jumps Out of the Comics and Into Reality

February 5 2015

If Henry Rodriguez had been a huge Wolverine fan and changed his wardrobe to purple and yellow jumpsuits while sporting mutton chops nobody would have taken notice. But Rodriguez chose not to emulate the popular—and by comic book standards “normal”… [ read more ]

David Hale’s Tattoo Menagerie

February 3 2015

If you take one second to look through the impressive portfolio of David Hale two things become abundantly clear: his line work is impeccable and he is an enormous animal lover. For the most part, Hale steers clear of color… [ read more ]