Tattoo Artists

Yallzee’s Tattoos for Barbers

July 7 2016

Tattoo artists and barbers have a lot in common. Simply put, they are the unsung heroes that make sure you are looking good. When you sit in the chair—whether it be barber or tattoo—you put all of your trust in… [ read more ]

People Are Tattooing Fruit—Here’s Why

July 7 2016

When life gives you lemons (or honeydew melons, bananas, grapefruits), tattoo them.  Tattooing fruit has been around for ages and is often one of the initial practices a mentor suggests to his or her apprentice. There are a few challenges… [ read more ]

Sports Tattoos by Steve Butcher

July 6 2016

New Zealand’s Steve Butcher has found quite an impressive niche—he tattoos some of the best sports scenes you’ll ever see. Butcher clearly has a love of the NBA, with Kobe and the Lakers serving as a particular muse. All of… [ read more ]

‘Finding Dory’ Tattoos

July 5 2016

For the second week in a row Finding Dory dominated the box office as adults and children alike are swarming to theaters to see the spinoff of the popular Finding Nemo. It turns out that Dory is just as popular in the… [ read more ]

New Zealand Tattoo Artist Creates Gorgeous Geometric Animal Portraits

July 5 2016

You may have never heard of Jasper Andres, an Auckland, New Zealand-based tattoo artist with a penchant for animal portraits, but his delicate, nature-themed designs are definitely worth a look. In fact, Jasper Andres may well be New Zealand’s answer… [ read more ]

Ariel Winter in a Tub Wearing Nothing but Ink and Bubbles

July 1 2016

Modern Family’s Ariel Winter has changed a lot since she first portrayed Alex Dunphy seven long years ago. While we may have first encountered her as a precocious little girl on the show she has without a doubt become a… [ read more ]

Kendall Jenner Designs a Tattoo for Her BFF Hailey Baldwin

June 28 2016

Models Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin have gotten inked together on more than one occasion, but their most recent trip to the tattoo shop was more special than ever, because Kendall actually designed Hailey’s latest ink—the word “PRAY” tattooed on… [ read more ]

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