Tattoo Artists

  • Mickey Rourke’s New Tattoo Pays Tribute to his Chihuahua

    Actor and occasional boxer Mickey Rourke added some ink to his collection this week when he decided to pay homage to his beloved Chihuahua Jaws with a tattoo. Rourke’s canine pal recently passed away so the actor decided to have… [ read more ]

  • Tattoos by Mark Powell

    Just like a lot of kids, Mark Powell grew up obsessed with horror movies. Unlike most of those kids Powell never got over his obsession and it shows in the excellent tattoos he produces. Whether it be a skull, a… [ read more ]

  • Rick Ross Gets Miami Heat Face Tattoo

    It’s official—Rick Ross is the biggest Miami Heat fan in the franchise’s history. When the hip-hop superstar walked into New Jersey’s Unroyal Ink and had the basketball team’s logo tattooed onto his face he cemented his stance as the Heat’s… [ read more ]

  • Justin Bieber (and his Ink) Star in Calvin Klein Campaign

    When Calvin Klein unveiled their new ad campaign featuring Justin Bieber the internet blew up as people discussed the new face of the iconic brand. There are few more polarizing figures in pop culture than Bieber. Here at Inked we… [ read more ]

  • Tattoos by Ien Levin

    If you are looking to get an imaginative blackwork tattoo that will make jaws drop might we suggest you head to Kiev, Ukraine to visit the talented Ien Levin. It’s hard to decide what is more impressive: Levin’s tattooing skills… [ read more ]

  • Top Celebrity Tattoos of 2014

    It seems like 2014 was the year for celebrities getting inked and showing off their work on social media. What better way to say goodbye to the year than recapping some of the most noteworthy celebrity tattoos of 2014? Enjoy.

  • Tattoos by Lukas Musil AKA MUSA

    Artist Lukas Musil (commonly known as MUSA) excels at every medium he works with, but it’s his tattoos that really grabbed our attention. MUSA’s tattoo work is beautiful and abstract. Some of his best work is done when depicting birds… [ read more ]