Tattoo Artists

Middle Finger Tattoos

January 21 2016

Gallery Follows the Text Sometimes all you want to do is stick it to the man. To finally fulfill that dream of cursing out your boss, throwing up the middle finger, and marching on out of the office tall and… [ read more ]

Geisha Tattoos

January 21 2016

Gallery Follows the Text Geisha girls are true artists. Have you ever noticed the beautiful detail that goes into their overall image? From their pristine make up and satin hair right down to the designs coloring their wardrobe, Geishas have got it going on…. [ read more ]

Buddha Tattoos

January 21 2016

Tattoos have been worn as symbols of faith since their inception. One religion that has a long tradition involving tattooing is Buddhism. In Thailand followers have been getting tattoos of Sak Yant—sacred geometrical designs intended to protect the owner of… [ read more ]

Blackwork Tattoos

January 20 2016

In the last 50 years of tattooing one thing has changed dramatically—the number of different colors of ink. You can now find tattoo ink in every single color you can name, and probably a few that you can’t. But guess… [ read more ]

Durb Morrison’s Semicolon Tattoo Benefit

January 19 2016

Photo Gallery Follows the Text This past weekend Durb Morrison and the crew at his RedTree Tattoo Gallery in Columbus, Ohio, held a “Semicolon Tattoo Benefit Day.” Hundreds of collectors and supporters came to RedTree Tattoo Gallery over the weekend… [ read more ]

Belgian Band Turns Tattoo Machines Into Instruments

January 18 2016

Photo Gallery Follows Video and Text By now we pretty much expect most musicians to be covered in tattoos. Hell, we don’t even bat an eye when some guys from bands spend their days not touring working in a tattoo… [ read more ]

Tattoo Polaroids Last Forever

January 15 2016

Gallery Follows the Text You don’t have to be a hipster to think Polaroid pictures are cool. Not to mention they are also a great alternative for naughty photos as to avoid being hacked and shared on the internet. Although forgoing the digital… [ read more ]

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