Tattoo Artists

London Reese Tattoos Nicholas from Walk the Moon

September 17 2015

London Reese, one of the most impressive color realism tattoo artists in the world, has created his own YouTube series called “Backstage Ink.” The series documents Reese as he tattoos some of the coolest musicians around, in this episode he… [ read more ]

Hindu Tattoos

September 16 2015

People often use tattoos as a way to display their faith. Considering the many gods and goddesses in the Hindu faith there are a heck of a lot of cool tattoos to be created. From the lovable Ganesh to the… [ read more ]

Rebel Rebel! You Must See Ireland Baldwin’s New Ink

September 16 2015

Talk about ch-ch-changes! Ireland Baldwin already has numerous tattoos but this young American is always eager to add more. She debuted her latest piece at New York Fashion Week and it makes us want to dance our magic dance with… [ read more ]

An Examination of New York’s Single-Use Ink Law

September 15 2015

WhenĀ Inked first heard about the changes to New York State law that would require single-use ink to be used in tattooing we reached out to Tattoo Lou to get an insider’s opinion about the effects the law would have on… [ read more ]

Ten Up and Coming Female Tattoo Artists

September 15 2015

Once a man’s world, the tattoo industry has been transformed over the past few decades with female artists who have re-written the rules of tattoos. You know their names and you probably know their tattoos, but Kat Von D, Rose… [ read more ]

The Gorgeous Floral Tattoos of Anali De Laney

September 14 2015

Anali De Laney of Never Say Die Tattoo in Harrisburg, Penn., is a realism artist to be reckoned with. A popular subject that she tattoos are flowers, from roses to lilies to poppies, she is a standout in her field…. [ read more ]

Medusa Tattoos

September 11 2015

One of Greek mythology’s most notorious characters, Medusa, was one Gorgon that you did not want to mess with. She was known to have had the face of a hideous woman but her most noticeable physical characteristic were the living… [ read more ]

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