Tattoo Artists

Tim Howard Moonlights as a Tattoo Artist

June 5 2015

Gallery Follows the Text Now that Everton’s season is over Tim Howard  likely finds himself with a lot of time on his hands, why not pick up a new trade? We know that he’s good with his hands from seeing him… [ read more ]

Tattoos that Use the Entire Hand

June 5 2015

A new take on the hand tattoo has really taken off in the industry—tattooing the whole hand. Normally what we consider to be a hand tattoo will stop around the knuckles, these tattoos go all the way down into the… [ read more ]

This Week’s Best Tattoos From Instagram

June 5 2015

Every day thousands of pictures of tattoos go up on Instagram, it can get a bit overwhelming. So, we’ve decided to whittle the bunch down to the best 12 we could find from the last seven days. Here are this… [ read more ]

Tattoo Portraits of Children

June 4 2015

Every parent in the world has the same complaint about their children—they grow up too quickly. Why not have their image last forever in the form of a portrait tattoo? It turns out that many parents have embraced this idea… [ read more ]

25 Tattoo Artists You Need To Know

June 2 2015

With the recent explosion of the tattooing industry there are seemingly tens of thousands of tattoo artists out there and every one of them is active on social media. It can become quite daunting trying to figure out which ones… [ read more ]

The Tattoos and Life of Ami James

June 2 2015

It’s hard to believe that it’s been more than 10 years since Miami Ink premiered and brought Ami James into our lives. In those years James has remained a fixture in both the reality television scene (his Wooster St. Social Club… [ read more ]

Tattoos Inspired by Classic Album Covers

June 1 2015

Music has a way of touching the soul, thus people want to pay tribute to their favorite albums through tattoo art. Check out these amazing album cover tattoos. For this list we wanted to channel our inner Rob Gordon (John… [ read more ]