Tattoo Artists

  • Primate Tattoos

    Our closest relatives in the animal kingdom, primates never fail to capture our sense of wonder. For tattoo artists everywhere, these regal beasts can also stoke the flames of their imaginations, resulting in some pretty spectacular work. Check out some… [ read more ]

  • Tattoos by Justin Hartman

    With a background in animation and an affinity for re-creating comic book images, Justin Hartman has created a style all his own. With a vintage look set in the neo-traditional style of tattooing, Hartman gave us some solid insight in… [ read more ]

  • Car Tattoos

    More than just a means from Point A to Point B, cars often compose a major part of our personal histories. We give them feminine names, we’ve eaten and spilled full meals on the upholstery of them, some may have… [ read more ]

  • Tattoos Inspired by 1980s Pop Culture

    Building off our list of awesome tattoos inspired by ‘70s pop culture, we figured it was only fair to give a nod to the decade that brought us video games, hairspray and basically all of the visual gag material Family… [ read more ]

  • Pun Tattoos

    Since a tattoo lasts forever a lot of people think that tattoo designs should be serious and full of meaning. Where’s the fun in that? There’s nothing wrong with a little laughter from time to time. We gathered this group… [ read more ]

  • Eyelid Tattoos

    There’s one thing that we find depressing about eyelid tattoos—the owner of the tattoo never gets to admire the work they have with their own eyes. Thanks to the magic of photography they can check it out and so can… [ read more ]

  • Tattoos Inspired by 1970s Pop Culture

    The 1970s were one of the flashiest eras in American history. With the birth (and quick demise) of disco culture, the advent of videogames, Hanna-Barbara’s dominance of Saturday mornings and some kickass rock music, the ‘70s was a helluva decade… [ read more ]