Tattoo Artists

Biker Tattoos

July 14 2016

Bikers take two things very seriously—their bike and their ink. When their not tearing it up on the highways of America you know they are spending time at the tattoo shop. Unsurprisingly, when it comes to their art a lot… [ read more ]

First Look at The Terrifying Pennywise from the ‘It’ Remake

July 13 2016

Clowns are terrifying. This is almost an indisputable fact. They were scary enough before horror legend Stephen King penned 1986’s It introduced us to the psychotic Pennywise the Dancing Clown, and he has been making us collectively shit our pants every time… [ read more ]

Tattoos Inspired By ‘Ghostbusters’

July 12 2016

You won’t have to worry about who you gonna call for a Ghostbusters tattoo thanks to the gallery below. Tattoo artists have inked just about every clever scene, character and iconic moment from the original 1984 Ghostbusters movie, so we… [ read more ]

All Star Baseball Tattoos

July 12 2016

Considering that baseball is our national pastime, one should not be surprised to see that there are a heck of a lot of baseball tattoos out there. There are so many different teams out there and likewise just as many… [ read more ]

The Kills Tattoo Their Fans To Promote New Album

July 7 2016

In the ever-changing record industry bands are struggling to find new ways to market their albums. Even the most fervent fans seem reluctant to purchase albums this day, why not sweeten the deal by giving them a free tattoo at… [ read more ]

Yallzee’s Tattoos for Barbers

July 7 2016

Tattoo artists and barbers have a lot in common. Simply put, they are the unsung heroes that make sure you are looking good. When you sit in the chair—whether it be barber or tattoo—you put all of your trust in… [ read more ]

People Are Tattooing Fruit—Here’s Why

July 7 2016

When life gives you lemons (or honeydew melons, bananas, grapefruits), tattoo them.  Tattooing fruit has been around for ages and is often one of the initial practices a mentor suggests to his or her apprentice. There are a few challenges… [ read more ]

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