Tattoo Artists

  • Meyhayat Kermen’s NSFW Photo Shoot

    Meyhayat Kermen works professionally as a photo retoucher so she knows one or two things about what is aesthetically pleasing. It turns out that she uses this skill not only to retouch photos of others but also to design art to… [ read more ]

  • Fancy Animal Tattoos

    After spending our impressionable early childhood years being read stories by Beatrix Potter it is only natural that we developed a healthy obsession with animals wearing clothes. In particular we love when animals dress in nineteenth century finery. We’re not… [ read more ]

  • Angel Tattoos

    Angels have always been a staple of religious art so it shouldn’t be surprising that so many people decide to show their faith through angel tattoos. Some of these tattoos are beautiful and radiant while others are dark and striking…. [ read more ]

  • Ladies, Ladies! Art Show 2014

    There’s no denying that tattooing has been a male-dominated art form but that’s not to say that there aren’t hundreds of talented female artists out there. In order to celebrate the abundance of talented women in the industry the “Ladies,… [ read more ]

  • Rick Ross Gets New Face Tattoo

    Hip-hop superstar Rick Ross plans on being “Rich Forever.” While his accountant may disagree about whether or not Ross’s spending habits will allow for his wealth to last that long the rapper will have those words tattooed on his face… [ read more ]

  • Torso Tattoos

    Just about everyone seems to have sleeves these days but it takes real dedication to get a full torso tattoo. These amazing torso tattoos go from the neck all the way down to the belly and they are sure to… [ read more ]

  • ‘Ink Master’ Finale: Scott Marshall Named Season Four Champion

    After facing off against 16 other talented tattoo artists throughout the grueling fourth season of Spike TV’s “Ink Master” Scott Marshall was named the champion. The artist who hails from a suburb of Chicago—Roselle, Ill.—will receive $100,000 in prize money,… [ read more ]