Tattoo Artists

Illustrative Blackwork Tattoos

May 29 2015

Sometimes the simple things in life are the best. These tattoo artists use nothing but black ink and a ton of creativity to create amazing tattoos. When you look at the tattoos in this gallery you will be reminded of… [ read more ]

Tattoo Timelapse – Teneile Napoli

May 29 2015

If you are ever on the far side of the world in Australia you really need to stop into Garage Ink. In this shop on the outskirts of Brisbane you will find the immensely talented Teneile Napoli, the subject of… [ read more ]

Lettering Tattoos

May 28 2015

You know the saying “It’s not what you say but how you say it?” Well, that can apply to tattoos too, especially when it comes to lettering. These tattooists have mastered the art of lettering to the point that the… [ read more ]

Who Needs Bling When You’ve Got Ink?

May 22 2015

If money was not an issue I can guarantee you that we would all be wearing necklaces so heavy that they destroyed our posture. But, sadly, money is an issue. Luckily you can still rock some sick bling even if… [ read more ]

Tattoos That Look Exactly Like Photographs

May 22 2015

The greatest compliment you can give a tattoo artist upon completion of a portrait is to tell them that it looks like the photo. Sometimes a tattoo is so realistic looking that it is almost impossible to distinguish between the… [ read more ]

This Week’s Most Insane Skull Tattoos

May 20 2015

Do you remember the first tattoo you ever saw? It was a skull tattoo, wasn’t it? Yeah, yeah it was. Skulls have always been one of the most popular subject matters for ink. Perhaps this is because they look completely… [ read more ]

When Name Tattoos Go Wrong

May 19 2015

There are few subjects more likely to stir up a passionate debate between tattooers than name tattoos. Some tattooers think that there is nothing more romantic than a name tattoo, that the permanence of the gesture lends it an extra… [ read more ]