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Tattoos For You, Cowboy

November 20 2015

Gallery Follows the Text Country-inspired tattoos look the way a good country song sounds. Boots, whiskey, guitars, pickup trucks, romance—the life of a true cowboy or cowgirl is simple. Maybe we’re being stereotypical, maybe we just wish we were throwing back… [ read more ]

Chandelier Tattoos

November 19 2015

If a place has chandeliers you know that it’s classy, right? That’s the way we feel about chandelier tattoos—only the classiest people around get these inked. Now, don’t expect all of these to have lights on them, these tattoos are… [ read more ]

Moth Tattoos

November 18 2015

Butterfly tattoos ruled the 2000s, but for this decade another winged insect is taking flight in tattoos across social media. The exotic wing patterns and unique antenna of moths have captured the attention of tattoo artists for years, but it… [ read more ]

Are LED Light Implants the Future?

November 18 2015

If this is the future of body modification, it is bright, well, at least the lights are. Tattoo artists are beginning to implant LED lights beneath people’s skin in an effort to illuminate their ink with the latest technology from Grindhouse Wetware…. [ read more ]

Lock and Key Tattoos

November 13 2015

Locks and keys have been used symbolically throughout all styles of tattooing. While they are able to take on multiple meanings for the wearer, they often represent freedom, secrecy, and knowledge. Locks and keys can be designed in a variety of… [ read more ]

Lotus Flower Tattoos

November 13 2015

Gallery Follows the Text Gifting a bouquet of flowers is always a sweet gesture, but most of the time we don’t know what the flowers we’re giving or receiving represent. Tattoos on the other hand are often symbolic of something or someone,… [ read more ]

Video: The Tattooing Robot Has Been Improved

November 13 2015

Last year a group of design students responded to a challenge from the French Cultural Ministry and modified a 3D printer to turn it into a tattoo machine. The machine was able to tattoo an almost perfect circle onto the… [ read more ]

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