Tattoo Artists

  • Inked Up World Tour: Frankfurt, Germany

    The Rockstar Energy Inked Up World Tour is currently moving fast around the globe.  With its fourth stop in Frankfurt, Germany, Sullen TV’s Bernadette Macias caught up with one of the tour’s featured artists, Andy Engel, a highly skilled realism… [ read more ]

  • A Mesmerizing Slow Motion View of a Tattoo

    For most people the act of getting a tattoo involves hearing the buzz of the machine, feeling the pain of the needles, and watching as the machine slides across their skin. Since the machine hides the needles to some degree… [ read more ]

  • Knee Tattoos

    One of the more prominent places to show off some ink is on your knee. Due to the shape of the knee and the pain that comes from tattooing it knee tattoos are relatively few and far between and it… [ read more ]

  • Amazing Sleeve Tattoos

    It’s pretty common for people to have one or two good tattoos scattered throughout their body but it takes real dedication and skill to have an entire sleeve of great work. In this gallery of amazing sleeve tattoos you will… [ read more ]

  • Tattoos Cure Cancer

    Shortly after losing his father to lung cancer tattoo artist Adam Guyot had a dream that haunted him and eventually would spur him to jump into philanthropy. In the dream he saw a man wearing a shirt with the words… [ read more ]

  • SullenTV: Convention Coverage: Sydney Tattoo Expo

    The second stop on the 2014 Inked Up World Tour presented by Rockstar Energy Drink is the Sydney Tattoo Expo in Australia. This stop of the tour is home to the tour’s featured artist Teneile Napoli, an incredible black and… [ read more ]

  • Bird Tattoos

    Man has always envied birds. They get to fly all over the place while we are stuck here on the ground, it’s not fair. A lot of artists have turned this envy in a positive direction and created beautiful artwork…. [ read more ]