Tattoo Artists

Hitting the Road with Kyle Dunbar: An Insider’s Take on Tattoo Conventions

April 6 2015

Former Ink Master contestant Kyle Dunbar has packed up his tattoo equipment and hit the road looking for adventure. With his family in tow, Dunbar will be traveling the country and trying to make a living as a roving tattoo artist. Over the coming… [ read more ]

This Surreal Tattoo Will Blow Your Mind

April 6 2015

Every time Pietro Sedda creates a tattoo there is one thing that you can be certain of—it will be unlike anything that you have ever seen before. Today’s Tattoo of the Day is an amazingly strange and surreal piece created… [ read more ]

Let’s Put a Smile on That Face

April 3 2015

When Heath Ledger first put on the makeup of the Joker for 2008’s The Dark Knight it was as if he had undergone a complete transformation; he was no longer an actor in a blockbuster film but had become the… [ read more ]

The Many Faces of a Tattoo Convention

April 1 2015

PHOTO GALLERY FOLLOWS THE TEXT Here at Inked we try to give our followers a behind-the-scenes look at our little corner of the tattoo industry. From InkedShop photo shoots and convention coverage on Snapchat to our favorite tattoos and products… [ read more ]

A Tattoo Fit For a Museum

April 1 2015

Considering that Nikko Hurtado made an enormous announcement this morning—read here if you have yet to hear the big news—it was only fitting to choose an epic back piece of his for Tattoo of the Day. This gigantic tattoo wouldn’t… [ read more ]

Nikko Hurtado: I Quit Tattooing

April 1 2015

GALLERY OF HURTADO’S BEST TATTOOS FOLLOWS THE TEXT  After a lustrous career with a tattoo machine in his hand, the wizard of color realism is hanging up his tubes. “I’m done, I quit,” Hurtado says as he takes pictures of his… [ read more ]

We Dissect One Man’s Misguided Opinion on Tattoos in the NCAA Tournament

March 31 2015

Normally when we come across an article casting tattoos and the people who have them in a negative light we shrug our shoulders, sigh deeply and move on. Yet every once in a great while we stumble across an article… [ read more ]