Tattoo Artists

Inked For a Cause: Kevin Besignano of True Rivals

February 3 2015

Name: Kevin Besignano What is your job? Guitarist and Vocals for True Rivals. What social causes are most important to you? Keeping music education in our schools and helping to eradicate homelessness in large cities, such as the Los Angeles… [ read more ]

How Did Rex Ryan Update his Jets Tattoo?

February 3 2015

All but a very select few NFL coaches stay with the same team for a long time so it’s wise not to get too many attachments to the job. As a member of one of the first families of NFL coaches… [ read more ]

Back in Black (and Grey)

February 2 2015

Is there any better way for an artist to showcase his skills than by doing a large scale back piece? In the hands of the right artist the possibilities are endless. Given the ample amount of real estate that the… [ read more ]

Tattoos Solve All Problems

February 2 2015

Are you having a bad day? Maybe you’re a Seattle Seahawks fan still struggling to come to grips with last night’s agonizing loss. Or maybe you had a horrendous commute through mountains of snow and you’re soaked to the bone… [ read more ]

Crazy Ruben’s Collection for the Ages

January 30 2015

Some people collect baseball cards, others collect stamps. “Crazy” Ruben Contreras has a far more badass collection. Contreras collects tattoos and he has some incredibly sick work to say the least. Hailing from Southern California it is no surprise that… [ read more ]

Hands On Ink

January 30 2015

Today’s tattoo of the day is this incredible piece by Liz Cook.  Cook may have only been tattooing since 2009, but her work is extremely impressive with just six years under her belt, as today’s pick clearly displays.  Hands are… [ read more ]

Tattoo Topic: Heavy or Light Handed?

January 29 2015

Is there really such a thing as being heavy handed or light handed when tattooing someone?  Does a particular artist or style mean that a tattoo could hurt more or less, regardless of the body placement?  Sullen TV wanted to… [ read more ]