Tattoo Artists

Yallzee’s Tremendous Black and Grey Back Pieces

March 16 2016

When it comes to TVs we demand to be able to see every color in the rainbow, but when we’re talking about tattoos we don’t mind kicking it old school and seeing things in black and white. Well, black and… [ read more ]

Scarab Tattoos

March 15 2016

At first glance the scarab looks like any other beetle, maybe a little bit tougher than some. But to the ancient Egyptians the scarab was a highly revered symbol of the god Khepri. Every day Ra, the most famous of… [ read more ]

Want To Avoid the Flu? Forget the Shot, Get Tattooed!

March 14 2016

There are a ton of different reasons to get tattooed. Some of our favorites are to show your deep love of art or to commemorate a special time in your life. Never in a million years did we think that… [ read more ]

Flowers and Vines

March 14 2016

Gallery Follows the Text Tattoos of flowers and vines are divine! They are oh so relevant to the approaching spring time. Each and every one makes us wish we had wine, to join us in the garden while we watch… [ read more ]

Freshly Inked Preview With Guest Editor BJ Betts

March 14 2016

Photo Gallery Follows the Text We’re happy to present a very special issue of Freshly Inked guest edited by BJ Betts. We told the lettering master to get together a group of artists for this issue and you won’t believe the… [ read more ]

Yalzee’s Amazing Tattoos Inspired by Salvador Dali

March 11 2016

Salvador Dali would absolutely adore this gallery of tattoos curated by Yallzee. The surreal artist loved to push boundaries so we are guessing that he would see kindred spirits in all of the tattooers featured here. Many of these tattoos… [ read more ]

Mermaid Tattoos

March 10 2016

From the earliest days of sea travel sailors have talked about mermaids. Some claimed to have been lured by their siren calls, others just lusted over the idea of meeting a mermaid and living happily ever after. Since tattoos have… [ read more ]

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