Tattoo Artists

Clap Your Hands for These Tattoos

January 14 2015

It takes guts to get a tattoo on your hand. Not only is it going to hurt like the Dickens, but unless you live in Antarctica and wear gloves constantly hand tattoos are always on display. Of course, if your… [ read more ]

Urban Meyer Plans Some Ink to Celebrate National Championship

January 13 2015

Forget going to Disneyland, Urban Meyer is headed to the tattoo parlor. Now that Meyer has coached his Ohio State Buckeyes to an unlikely National Championship he needs to make good on his promise to get some ink. Shortly after… [ read more ]

Tattoo of the Day: Kris Busching

January 12 2015

If you lived through the 1980s chances are that you love Indiana Jones. One fan loved the fictional archaeologist so much that they went to realism expert Kris Busching to get this portrait inked. We loved the tattoo so much… [ read more ]

Inked Shop Product of the Day

January 12 2015

Today’s InkedShop Product of the Day is perfect for the woman who wants to showcase her tender side without losing her edge. The “Be Mine” Tee by Cartel Ink will be a hit among women who revel in always getting… [ read more ]

Freshly Inked Preview

January 12 2015

The February/March issue of Freshly Inked is about to hit newsstands but we are offering you a sneak preview of what can be found inside. This issue features over 525 tattoos and interviews with 11 of the top artists in the… [ read more ]

Inked for a Cause: Bryan Kienlen of the Bouncing Souls

January 9 2015

If you look in the dictionary for DIY, you should see a picture of the Bouncing Souls. For over 20 years, they’ve been eschewing corporate, and making their mark their own way.  Bryan Kienlan shares what’s close to his heart…. [ read more ]

Inked for a Cause: Dirk Vermin

January 9 2015

Dirk Vermin: Lending a Hand to NSPCA, Heaven Can Wait, and Ink 4 Autism What is your job? Father, tattoo artist, business owner, musician, soon to be author, producer and TV Star. etc What social causes are most important to… [ read more ]