Tattoo Artists

  • Tattoos by Bacanu Bogdan

    Bacanu Bogdan is a Romanian tattoo artist who is churning out some of the sickest work in the world right now. Many of Bogdan’s tattoos are downright scary in both how realistic they look and in the subjects they depict…. [ read more ]

  • Fox Tattoos

    We always love nature tattoos here at Whether it be animals from the sea, the jungle or the forests we tend to enjoy them. For this gallery we collected a bunch of tattoos of one of the most sly… [ read more ]

  • Tattoos by Easy Sacha

    Paris is known as the City of Lights but it turns out that it is also the City of Great Tattoos thanks to the work of Easy Sacha. Working out of the Mystery Tattoo Club Sacha has an amazing style… [ read more ]

  • Elegant and Inked

    The possibility that tattoos could ever be considered elegant was completely alien to people just a generation ago. Times change and so do styles— the men and women in this gallery prove that the right tattoo can be just as… [ read more ]

  • Tattoos by Barbara Swingaling

    Barbara Swingaling works out of Classic Ink & Mods in Amsterdam where she produces some incredibly impressive tattoos. Swingaling is comfortable working with bright colors, black ink and brown henna-inspired designs. We collected some of our favorite tattoos by Swingaling… [ read more ]

  • Tattoos by Sasha Unisex

    Sasha Unisex is a tattoo artist from St. Petersburg, Russia. Her work is amazing in the way that it all looks as if it were painted on with watercolors. Unisex is clearly inspired by nature but she manages to put… [ read more ]

  • The Work of Antony Flemming

    If you are in the U.K. or anywhere close to it you are missing out if you don’t head over to get a tattoo by the talented Antony Flemming. Flemming does amazing work, we especially love his use of color…. [ read more ]