Tattoo Artists

The Gorgeous Floral Tattoos of Anali De Laney

September 14 2015

Anali De Laney of Never Say Die Tattoo in Harrisburg, Penn., is a realism artist to be reckoned with. A popular subject that she tattoos are flowers, from roses to lilies to poppies, she is a standout in her field…. [ read more ]

Medusa Tattoos

September 11 2015

One of Greek mythology’s most notorious characters, Medusa, was one Gorgon that you did not want to mess with. She was known to have had the face of a hideous woman but her most noticeable physical characteristic were the living… [ read more ]

10 of Our Favorite Celebrity Tattoos

September 11 2015

Celebrities are like us more than we think; they go out to dinner with their significant other, they go grocery shopping, and of course they get tattoos. Here are the top ten of our favorite celebrity tattoos.

Can You Match the (ADORABLE) Pet to Its Tattooist Owner?

September 11 2015

Gallery Follows the Text Tattoo artists have some pretty adorable pets. Some are so cute we wish we could take them for our own office friends. Surely you’ve become familiar with Kat Von D’s hairless cat of the Sphynx breed (creepy or… [ read more ]

The Fantastic New School Dinosaurs of Matt Driscoll

September 11 2015

This summer marked the release of the highly anticipated film, Jurassic World. Set 22 years after the events of Jurassic Park, Jurassic World tells the story of a theme park of genetically modified dinosaurs and what happens when the big… [ read more ]

Peony Tattoos

September 11 2015

A popular subject in Japanese Traditional tattoos, the peony is meant to symbolize nobility and wealth. Japanese tattoo artists often drew their inspiration from ukiyo-e style illustrator, Utagawa Kuniyoshi, whose designs shaped what we know of the Japanese style of… [ read more ]

Sailor Moon Tattoos

September 11 2015

It is safe to say that Sailor Moon incapsulated what it meant to be a kawaii Japanese girl in the 1990s. From the uniforms we wish we had in real life to the badass message of feminism played into every… [ read more ]

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