Tattoo Artists

  • Tattoos by Luka Lajoie

    The very talented Luka Lajoie works out of a town not all that far from Montreal called Repentigny, Quebec. From that locale he has been turning out some of the most impressive realism tattoos out there. Check out this gallery… [ read more ]

  • Tattoos by Mike DeVries

    Shortly after Mike DeVries started tattooing in 2003 he was impressing people with his work in color realism. Check out this gallery of some of our favorite tattoos by the talented artist.

  • Friday the 13th Tattoos

    While many people consider Friday the 13th to be an unlucky day, especially those people living near Camp Crystal Lake, tattoo artists and enthusiasts think quite differently. Friday the 13th is almost like Christmas for the tattooed; it’s the day… [ read more ]

  • Realism Tattoos

    Some of the most talented artists out there are able to create tattoos that look just like photographs. Realism tattoos have become incredibly popular in recent years and artists are getting better and better. Check out this gallery of some… [ read more ]

  • Meyhayat Kermen’s NSFW Photo Shoot

    Meyhayat Kermen works professionally as a photo retoucher so she knows one or two things about what is aesthetically pleasing. It turns out that she uses this skill not only to retouch photos of others but also to design art to… [ read more ]

  • Fancy Animal Tattoos

    After spending our impressionable early childhood years being read stories by Beatrix Potter it is only natural that we developed a healthy obsession with animals wearing clothes. In particular we love when animals dress in nineteenth century finery. We’re not… [ read more ]

  • Angel Tattoos

    Angels have always been a staple of religious art so it shouldn’t be surprising that so many people decide to show their faith through angel tattoos. Some of these tattoos are beautiful and radiant while others are dark and striking…. [ read more ]