Tattoo News

  • Would you sell your skin for charity?

    Tattoo enthusiast Chris Watson, 28, is taking his love for body art and turning it into a charitable act.  Watson is slowly becoming a 6ft 4in tall human billboard, allowing companies to advertise on his body in exchange for charitable… [ read more ]

  • Tattoo Artist Dave Hurban Surgically Attaches IPod To His Arm

    New Jersey tattoo artist and piercer, Dave Hurban, has come up with an inventive way to prevent losing his iPod.  Being a piercer by trade Hurban decided to pierce and surgically implant four magnets under his skin so that he… [ read more ]

  • Instattoo recently published their review of a tattoo design App called Instattoo ($2.99).  Instattoo is an idea generator with 13  built in tattoo styles and an additional five styles are available as app purchases. This is what they had to… [ read more ]

  • Tattoos with Grammar and Spelling Errors

    We can all thank for compiling a group of some of the funniest tattoos with grammar and spelling errors, reminding us that it’s always important to think before you ink.   To see more:

  • TLC Brings Back Tattoo School

    After airing the Tattoo School special last summer, causing an uproar with professional tattoo artists, TLC has decided to bring the competition series back. For those of you don’t know what the fuss is all about, Tattoo School is a… [ read more ]

  • Mother and Son Escorted Out of Legoland Because of an “Offensive Tattoo”

    Shortly after arriving to The Legoland Discovery Center at Grapevine Mills Mall, TX for a surprise visit Lana Massey and her son were asked to leave due to Massey’s “offensive body art”(seen above).  Massey posted details of the incident on… [ read more ]

  • Students Experiment With Stick n’ Poke Tattoos

    For those of you unfamiliar with the stick ‘n’ poke method, it is a tattoo process where a sewing needle is attached to a pen or pencil, wrapped in thread, dipped into India ink and then repeatedly poked into the… [ read more ]