Oddest Barters for Tattoos from Elite Artists

August 18 2016

Tattoos can cost and arm and a leg—if the artist is willing to barter for them. Yes, Virginia sometimes tattooers barter ink for goods. Cash is king but lets not forget that tattooing came from a black market system and was… [ read more ]

Tattoo Pain Chart

August 18 2016

Where do tattoos hurt the most? Following is a human body pain chart outlining the most painful places to get tattooed as described by our readers. Does it hurt to tattoo your forearm? Damn straight, all tattoos hurt or smart… [ read more ]

Tattoos for Couples

August 17 2016

One of the best bonding experience a couple can ever have is to get tattoos together, it’s even better if they get romantically-themed tattoos. Here is a gallery of some of our favorite couples tattoos and other romantic ink.

Tinder Girl Looks Like Tattooed Hillary Clinton

August 2 2016

Would you like to be with her? Talk about “swiping left,” this woman is going viral on messageboards for her striking resemblance to the Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. It all started on the viral photo sharing site imgur, where… [ read more ]

New Study Links Some Tattoo Ink to Cancer

July 26 2016

A new study from the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has shown that there may be some potential health risks—ranging from allergic reactions to cancer—associated with tattoo ink. “Many reports show significant concerns for public health stemming from the composition of… [ read more ]

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: ‘Ink Master’ Season 8 Trailer Release

July 26 2016

This season of tattoo’s greatest competition is a whole new ballgame. It’s time to pick a side. As Spike TV’s Ink Master publishing partner, Inked presents you with the exclusive first look at the Season 8 Ink Master trailer. This… [ read more ]

Ink Master Peck v Nunez Video

July 25 2016

In less than a month Spike TV’s Ink Master returns with a new twist. Peep the trailer below for clues, it appears that Oliver Peck and Chris Nunez will be going toe-to-tattooed-toe in Season 8, but how and in what… [ read more ]

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