Inked Girls Ready For Winter

January 15 2016

Some of us were lucky enough to avoid the wrath of a frigid winter, at least so far. But by some chance, if you have forgotten how to stay warm this season, just look at these incredible Inked Girls and… [ read more ]

Tattooed Model Lauren Houldsworth

January 11 2016

If you have been on the InkedMag Instagram lately then this gorgeous bombshell will look familiar. Lauren Houldsworth, or @itslaurendotcome as most of the internet would know her by, is one vlogger you do not want to look past. From stunning make up… [ read more ]

Myths and Misconceptions About Tattoos Debunked

January 7 2016

It was only a short time ago that seemingly everyone believed that only gang members and punks got tattoos. People also thought that getting ink would set people up for failure and that every tattoo artist was a mean and scary person.  As… [ read more ]


December 23 2015

Every single day, the Inked crew searches the depths of the interwebs for the hottest and newest tattoos, artists, and inked girls. As the end of 2015 rapidly approaches, we have dug deep and found some of the top tattoo artists… [ read more ]

The Top Tattoo Moments of 2015

December 16 2015

In 2015, we were exposed to more “tattoo moments” than ever before. Tattooing is no longer an underground practice reserved for bikers or gang members, this business has made a full 180 with tattoos showing up everywhere and artists doing… [ read more ]

Reactions to A Friend’s New Tattoo in Gifs

December 11 2015

When we get new ink on our own body, we love it and we want everyone else to love it, too! When our friends get new ink, we do our best to react honestly. Here are just a few of the… [ read more ]

WATCH: Tattooed at 11,000 Feet

December 10 2015

What happens when a tattoo artist and an adrenaline junkie jump out of a plane? Some gnarly tattooing takes place mid-air, of course. Both Canadian natives, Nadine Elaine and tattoo artist Shannon Claydon, decided to elevate their tattoo game on October… [ read more ]

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