• Gun Tattoos

    Watch out, these gun tattoos pack some serious firepower. These fans of the Second Amendment have decided to get firearms inked onto their bodies with amazing results. Check out this gallery of some of the best gun tattoos that we… [ read more ]

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  • Tattooed Model Andre Hamann

    Tattooed model Andre Hamann is more than just a pretty face with some great ink, he has also launched his own clothing line called We Are Freaks. Check out this gallery of the handsome German showing off his tattoos.

  • Stenography by Tattoo

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  • Tattooed by Bed Bugs

    When people are waffling on whether or not to get a tattoo two highly cited reasons for their indecision are a fear of needles and the permanence of the tattoo. We have some good news and bad news to offer… [ read more ]