Introducing: The Human Nunchuck

June 17 2015

  Watch this man have his right arm turned into nunchucks! Tattooers Myke Chambers and Adrian Dominic collaborate to tattoo a set of nunchucks on a Kensington local dubbed “Hunky” (Steve); a survivor of a severe gunshot, with unusual physical… [ read more ]

No, You Can’t Get a Fucking Neck Tattoo, Jane Marie.

June 12 2015

This week blogger Jane Marie of Jezebel put tattooer Dan Bythewood “ON BLAST” for refusing to ink her neck. The reason Bythewood turned down the tattoo was because Marie is barely inked and so Bythewood was following the traditional tattoo honor… [ read more ]

25 Tattoo Artists You Need To Know

June 2 2015

With the recent explosion of the tattooing industry there are seemingly tens of thousands of tattoo artists out there and every one of them is active on social media. It can become quite daunting trying to figure out which ones… [ read more ]

Funny Tattoo Shop Signs

May 13 2015

When it comes to putting a person at ease few things work as well as a bit of humor. Considering the amount of pain and permanence involved in getting a tattoo it’s only natural that a person is a little… [ read more ]

Cheeky Girls

May 8 2015

Girls, girls, girls/girls, we do adore

Epic Facebook Burns!

April 27 2015

We like nothing more than to see Internet bullies get their comeuppance. Nobody was (physically) hurt in the following comments but dammnnnn did they get sent to the metaphorical burn unit in the most public of forums. These go to… [ read more ]

The New Joker Is Covered in Tattoos

April 25 2015

The new Joker is covered in tattoos. Director of Suicide Squad, David Ayers, presented this photo of Jared Leto in role of “The Killing Joker.” “Leto’s Joker retains the chalky pigmentation, dark eyeliner, and green hair the character’s known for,… [ read more ]

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