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  • Fifty State Tattoos (And D.C. Too!)

    People tend to get tattoos of things they are proud of. Often times this means getting ink to commemorate the birth of a child or to celebrate a life achievement. It is also quite common for people to get tattoos… [ read more ]

  • Female Stomach Tattoos

    One thing that unites many of the sexiest women in the world is the presence of fine tattoos on their stomachs. We love to see ink peeking out of the top of a woman’s pants and the bottom of their… [ read more ]

  • This Guy Really Likes Fish Sticks

    One trait that seems to be shared by everyone on Earth is a desire to go to extraordinary lengths in order to get something for free. In order to win tickets for a Kanye West concert Art Commisso will be… [ read more ]

  • Cat Tattoos

    Everyone knows that dogs are a man’s best friend so what does that make cats? Judging by this collection of tattoos featuring beloved felines I’m guessing that man has more than one best friend. The tattoos in this gallery range… [ read more ]

  • Female Hip Tattoos

    Even the most basic tattoo can become sexy when it is placed in just the right place on just the right person. One of our favorite places to see some ink is on the hips of gorgeous women, check out… [ read more ]

  • Heart Tattoos

    Here is a gallery filled with people who like to wear their heart on their sleeve, their tattooed sleeve that is. Hearts have always been a sign of romance and we find many of these tattoos to be quite romantic…. [ read more ]

  • Part 2 of Getting Your First Tattoo: Choosing a Shop and Artist

    Now that you have chosen a design for your tattoo and decided that you are committed enough to have that art inked into your skin for eternity we move on to the second step in getting your first tattoo—choosing a… [ read more ]