Wait Until You See This Scannable Barcode Tattoo

August 5 2015

Wait until you see what this barcode tattoo pulls up under the scanner. According to Reddit, “A half-black, half-white teenager’s parents finally allowed him to get a tattoo… This is what he picked” And in case you thought this was… [ read more ]

15 Tattoo Artists from the UK You Should Follow on Instagram

August 4 2015

It is extremely easy to get lost and confused while exploring the internet in search of good tattoo artists. Thankfully for you, it is our job to be your spirit guide throughout your journey. Today we’re going to help you… [ read more ]

Beauty Inspired Tattoos

August 3 2015

Not every single tattoo has to be dark and filled with skulls. Though most of those tattoos are awesome, there are some people that prefer to have their tattoos extremely bright, bubbly, and sometimes filled with beauty products. The tattoos… [ read more ]

Insane Head Tattoos

July 31 2015

Getting tattooed on areas like the shoulder, the thigh, and even the forearm can sting a bit, but we can not even image what these people felt! Getting tattooed in the head takes a high pain threshold and a ton… [ read more ]

Creative Tattoo Masks

July 30 2015

We love masks. Sometimes they’re silly, sometimes they’re scary, but they’re always fun. Wouldn’t be cool to have a mask you can throw on at a moment’s notice? That’s what these tattoos do! Put your hand over your mouth and,… [ read more ]

Acronyms for the Tattoo World

July 29 2015

It is sad to think that we take phrases and try to make them even smaller than what they already are. Whether you know it or not, you use acronyms every day. The most popular of the bunch would be… [ read more ]

Girl Has Strong Reaction to Getting Tattooed

July 28 2015

Many tattoo media outlets, including this one, misconstrued this viral video often described as “Girl Moans As She Gets Her Lady Parts Tattooed.” We’re sorry, very sorry, and embarrassed but hardly as embarrassed as the girl in the video. We… [ read more ]

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