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  • Top Hand Tattoos

  • Exclusive: Tattooer on the Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball Tattoo

    Tattooer Scott Howard at The Living Canvas Tattoo Studio outside Buffalo, NY has a phone that wont stop vibrating today but he took time to talk to Howard is suddenly popular because he is responsible for the tattoo of Miley… [ read more ]

  • DC Government Shuts Down Tattoo Walk-Ins

    There’s something buzzing in the Washington DC tattoo community, and it’s not an outliner. Until recently, tattoo shops in our nation’s capital have been largely unregulated, ironic considering the jungle or red tape that DC is synonymous with. Nonetheless, in… [ read more ]

  • Portfolio Peek with Timothy B. Boor from Bohemian Tattoo Club

    Sullen TV’s newest weekly series, “Portfolio Peek,” gives viewers a chance to see the styles, backgrounds, and inspirations for some of the top tattooers in the business. Now you can check out realistic artist Timothy Boor’s “Portfolio Peek” here and… [ read more ]

  • The Game Gets Trayvon Martin Tattoo by Roman

    Portrait tattoos are one of the most common styles of tattooing, nowadays, typically used to commemorate the significance of another’s influence on someone’s life. So it comes as no surprise when rapper, The Game, decided that he wanted to forever… [ read more ]

  • SullenTV presents Artist Spotlight with Lettering Tattoo Artist Big Meas

    Big Meas is one of the biggest tattoo artist names in lettering. With a background as a graffiti artist from Dayton, Ohio, he has risen in the ranks of the tattoo world and is now travelling the nation from convention… [ read more ]

  • Ink Master (Season 3) Premier

    The premier of Ink Master (Season 3) jumped right into some challenges that are both difficult, but key, qualities of being a great tattooist. The flash challenge was to tattoo prison inmates with a single needle. Joey Hamilton won with… [ read more ]