Mike Giant Under the Manhattan Bridge

August 3 2012

San Fran skateboarder, tagger, and graffiti artist Mike Giant is known for his sick designs and general badassery. And now he’s come to NYC. Well, at least his art has. Giant has a new installation under the Manhattan Bridge in… [ read more ]

Wooden Tattoo Machine Crayon Holder

May 25 2012

If you take your coloring as seriously as you take your tattoos, then woodworker Michael Riley has the perfect gift for you. The  San Antonio-native makes custom wooden tattoo machine crayon holders for those who aspire to be DIY tattoo… [ read more ]

Hold Fast: Chris Trevino

April 25 2012

Tattoo artist Chris Trevino is an expert in tattooing in the traditional Japanese style. Having studied under Horiyoshi III for five years Trevino earned the nickname “Horimana.” Trevino currently runs Perfection Tattoo in Austin, TX, where he has a steady… [ read more ]

Spike TV’s Ink Master Sneak Peak

December 8 2011

In less than a month Spike TV’s Ink Master—tattoo’s first reality competition show—comes to a television near you. The quick details: 10 tattooers vie for $100,000, a feature in INKED, and the title of Ink Master. The show premieres January… [ read more ]

Ink Fast

October 14 2011

The current Guinness World Record for the most tattoos done by a single artist in a 24-hour period is 801. That record was set on Nov. 16, 2008, by Hollis Cantrell of Artistic Tattoo in Phoenix, Arizona Jason Freeman of… [ read more ]

Tipping Your Tattoo Artist

October 11 2011

Tipping etiquette is always a big question when talking about any industry. Just like when you tip your hair dresser, nail tech, or waiter, 20% is great. If your artist is doing custom work for you and including the design… [ read more ]

Tattoo Artist and Former LA Ink Star Kat Von D Recording an Album

October 5 2011

Recently single Kat Von D is currently recording her first album. After success within the tattoo industry and LA Ink, we have no doubts that she will make some headway in the music industry as well. “I’ve been passionate about… [ read more ]

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