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  • Tattoo Legend Rick Walters to Appear at Art Center Gallery

    Legendary tattoo artist Rick Walters will be making a very special guest appearace at Art Center Gallery the weekend of October 7th. We thought we’d show them a little love since they’re kind enough to throw us a mention! For… [ read more ]

  • Exclusive Preview: New York Doll

    You may have seen her on TLC’s NY Ink. Megan Massacre an amazing tattoo artist, and a beautiful model. “I look at modeling as another form of art,” Megan tells Inked. Because we love our fans so much, we’re giving… [ read more ]

  • Remember the man!

    Last night, Sailor Jerry Rum invited us to a little BBQ in Brooklyn to celebrate 100 years of Sailor Jerry and the launch of their Northeastern 1973 airstream trailer. It definitely inspired us to do a little blog post just… [ read more ]

  • A Luxurious Tribute

    When people think of tattoos, they may not think of brands such as Louis Vuitton. However, a collaboration with famed tattoo artist Scott Campbell and large tribute on a man’s arm tell a different story. With a full sleeve of… [ read more ]

  • 100 Years of Sailor Jerry

    This year marks the 100th birthday of Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins, the father of the old-school tattoo. Born January 14th, 1911, he was an innovator and a true independent spirit whose legacy lives on today through his work and the… [ read more ]

  • Screening The Shoemaker

    Coming up on Wednesday, January 12 in New York City… The Hudson Hotel, on West 58th street, will do the honors of screening “The Shoemaker,” a short film written, directed, and starring Mr. Kaves. Kaves is renowned for having a… [ read more ]

  • Motor Ink

    Every great artist knows that truly special ink requires a precise blend of planning, design, aesthetics and character. In the world of custom motorcycle fabricators, those characteristics are also of paramount importance to create powerful machines with enough attitude and… [ read more ]