15 Tattoo Artists from the UK You Should Follow on Instagram

August 4 2015

It is extremely easy to get lost and confused while exploring the internet in search of good tattoo artists. Thankfully for you, it is our job to be your spirit guide throughout your journey. Today we’re going to help you… [ read more ]

You Have to See Snooki’s New Lips

August 4 2015

Photo Gallery Follows the Text The Jersey Shore has been off the air for some time now but there is no way that we’ll ever forget the pint-sized dynamo Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi. Her antics were unforgettable and Seaside will never… [ read more ]

Celebrity Tattoos and the Stories Behind Them

August 4 2015

The only thing that we love more than seeing tattoos on our favorite celebrities is learning the stories behind all the ink. We’ve collected some of our favorite celebs and tell the tale behind one of their famous tattoos in… [ read more ]

Beauty Inspired Tattoos

August 3 2015

Not every single tattoo has to be dark and filled with skulls. Though most of those tattoos are awesome, there are some people that prefer to have their tattoos extremely bright, bubbly, and sometimes filled with beauty products. The tattoos… [ read more ]

Insane Head Tattoos

July 31 2015

Getting tattooed on areas like the shoulder, the thigh, and even the forearm can sting a bit, but we can not even image what these people felt! Getting tattooed in the head takes a high pain threshold and a ton… [ read more ]

Get in the Octagon With Ronda ArouseMe – Exclusive Pics From the MMA Porn Parody

July 31 2015

Exclusive Photo Gallery Follows the Text There’s one sure way to know that you’ve made it in America—when you see a porn parody being made about you. By this rationale MMA sensation Ronda Rousey has finally made the big time…. [ read more ]

Rat Tattoos

July 31 2015

Some people love rats, some people hate rats and many people, myself included, are afraid of them. Even the haters can’t deny that they are fascinating creatures who are more than worthy of being tattooed. Check out this gallery of… [ read more ]

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