This Toddler’s Walker is Out of This World Thanks to a Tattoo Artist

November 30 2015

It’s the season of giving, and tattoo artist Nathan Gerger has taken that to heart in the best way by decking out a walker for two-year-old Henri “Kai” Grabill. Kai has a condition called hypotonia, which manifests in a lack… [ read more ]

Did You Hear About the Guy With an Isis Tattoo?

November 30 2015

Patrick Hastie, a comedian from Brooklyn, recently shared a story about a tattoo gone wrong that left us in stitches. His anecdote reminds us why people should think twice before getting inked and why we have been blessed with so… [ read more ]

The Twelve Skulls of Christmas

November 27 2015

The great philosopher Glenn Danzig hit the nail on the head (dad joke intended) when he sang, “I want your skulls. I need you skulls.” We love skulls and we can’t get enough. What better way to feed our skull… [ read more ]

Gifts That Men Need

November 25 2015

Usually it’s the men that are easiest to shop for, but depending on the man… it can be really difficult finding something as badass as them. So if you are struggling to find that perfect holiday gift for them, look… [ read more ]

Ashes to Ink

November 25 2015

Memorial tattoos are an incredible way to remember a loved one who has passed on. But sometimes, words aren’t enough and you’re looking for more than just a thousand words to describe a picture of someone who you miss dearly…. [ read more ]

InkedShop Girl Approved Gifts

November 25 2015

We love Inked Girls and they love the InkedShop. If you are shopping for the tattooed girl(s) in your life here’s a few gifts that the experts (tattooed models) liked enough to share on Instagram.

Meet The Tattooed Hunk That Voiced ‘Hey Arnold’

November 24 2015

It’s popular opinion that kid’s cartoons are not what they used to be, with the 90’s being the last time there were truly any worth watching. A fan favorite, and my personal favorite, has always been Hey Arnold. With an… [ read more ]

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