• Just the Zip (Up Hoodie)

    There is something admirable about announcing your intentions in a very bold manner. Well, you can’t get much bolder than today’s InkedShop Deal of the Day. The Unisex “Just the Tip” Zip Up Hoodie by Cartel Ink let’s everyone know… [ read more ]

  • You Won’t Believe How Many Hot Photos are in the New Inked Girls

    The new issue of Inked Girls is out and we’re having trouble believing how many sexy women we were able to fit in it. Seriously. Packing this much into just over 100 pages is quite the feat, if we do… [ read more ]

  • Emma’s Tattoos Tell Her Story

    Emma Laree Foster doesn’t get tattoos just to get them. Our Inked Girl of the Day puts a lot of thought into each and every one of her pieces. For the most part the tattoos represent different milestones in her… [ read more ]

  • Our Kind of Girl

    Today’s InkedShop Product of the Day is something that applied to all of us. If we didn’t like tattoos what in the world would be doing on While we certainly all love tattoos this shirt speaks to the ladies… [ read more ]

  • Wedding Band Tattoos

    Is there any stronger way to tell your partner that you plan on being with them for the rest of your life than by ditching your wedding ring for a wedding band tattoo? We don’t think so. While divorces can… [ read more ]

  • ‘Popular Skullture’ Celebrates the Macabre

    Gallery Follows the Text Given the harsh reality that every human eventually concedes to death it’s not surprising that man has always been intrigued by the macabre. Every known art form ends up focusing on death. Be it tattoos, comics,… [ read more ]

  • Inked For a Cause: Red Dodge

    Name: Red Dodge What is your job? I am a Makeup Artist. My clients include Disney, NBC, Fiat, GM, and an extensive list of celebrities.  You can view my work on I am also the manager of Garage Magazine and co-owner/executive editor… [ read more ]