• Have Tattoos? Forget About Getting a License to Kill

    Do you have inspirations of becoming a real life version of James Bond? Well hopefully you don’t have any visible tattoos or your dreams of wooing women and drinking martinis on the Riviera all while protecting the U.K. will be… [ read more ]

  • Ilma Gore’s “Tattoo Me” Project Suspended and Revamped

    Ilma Gore, the 22-year-old behind the “Tattoo Me” Kickstarter offering to tattoo  your name on her body for just $10, successfully raised over $11,000 in the few days that her crowd funding project was live, quickly surpassing her set goal of… [ read more ]

  • This Girl Rox Our World

    From the very first time we saw Rox we were smitten. There was no use fighting it, Rox’s deadly one-two punch of killer curves and glorious ink knocked us out. We could spend all day flipping through these pictures of… [ read more ]

  • Cydney is Lovely this Time of Year

    Cydney is lovely this time of year. Our Inked Girl of the Day, Cydney DuBois, might not be from Down Under, and she might even spell her name differently than Australia’s biggest city does, but that doesn’t mean that we’re… [ read more ]

  • The Hottest Ink of Hyrule

    Here at INKED we love all of our gamers out there, whether you’re kickin’ it old school with some N64, roguing around the various Elder Scrolls platforms or just cruising the computer generated streets in the latest Grand Theft Auto. We… [ read more ]

  • (Spell)Check Yourself

    It’s the nightmare we all fear when we go into get lettering tattoos: misspellings.  When it comes to tattoos there is no “backspace” button to fix typos and lettering is both hard to correct and cover up, so it needs… [ read more ]

  • Sara X and Her Talented Chest

    Most women can’t do tricks with their breasts and men are still completely enthralled by them, so when a gorgeous woman like Sara X shows that she is capable of doing tricks with her assets men are completely beside themselves…. [ read more ]


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