Kids Ink

February 10 2015

One of our favorite contributing photographers Robert0 Chamorro has some photogenic children. “When I’m bored I draw on my kids,” he says. They like having tats like daddy.” Following are a few play-time-with-daddy shots including the Christmas card he sent with… [ read more ]

Hail to the King, Baby

February 10 2015

It should go without saying, but it’s good to be the king. The only drawback is that one can’t reign forever, eventually death will prevail. Or will it? Today’s Product of the Day, the Men’s “Lost King” Zip-Up Hoodie by… [ read more ]

Young, Wild and Free

February 9 2015

Today’s Inked Girl of the Day, Jessica, describes herself as young, wild, and free. This statement is clearly true as you flip through her photo gallery of strikingly beautiful pictures. Jessica frolics in a field with barely a care in… [ read more ]

A Golden Girl You Actually Want to See Topless

February 6 2015

When you hear the words “Golden Girl” chances are that you think about a bunch of pretty funny women in the twilight years of their lives. That’s because you have yet to meet today’s Inked Girl of the Day, Ella… [ read more ]

Savage Beauty

February 5 2015

We had to go all the way to the Land Down Under to find today’s Inked Girl of the Day, Kodie Savage. The curvy beauty doesn’t put a whole lot of deep meaning into her tattoos. Instead, Kodie likes to… [ read more ]

Tattoo Topic: Social Media Comments

February 5 2015

Social media is a key element to promoting a tattoo artist’s portfolio, so many of the top artists in the industry have accounts on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter filled with images of their latest ink.  While some artists have now… [ read more ]

Made for an Angel

February 5 2015

Here at Inked we have always been suckers for wing tattoos—few things make a girl appear more angelic than a nice pair of tattooed wings. Sometimes a girl can’t just walk around showing off her wings so the next best… [ read more ]