How To Talk To Strangers About Their Tattoos

July 9 2015

As lovers of tattoo art we just can’t help admiring all of the tattooed appendages we see on a regular basis. More than a few times a day we want to strike up a conversation with someone about their ink;… [ read more ]

8 Ways to Piss Off A Tattoo Artist

July 8 2015

What’s better than getting a really good tattoo? Having a good relationship with the person that just did that totally awesome new piece. And what better way of having a good relationship, than by not pissing them off. There are… [ read more ]

WATCH: Tattooed Woman Brands Skin at Scorching 932ºF

July 8 2015

How’d you like to burn your skin with a scorching needle heated to at least 932 degrees Fahrenheit? Not for you? Kerri, the tattooed vixen in the video below, handled scarification like a damn champ as she is seen having… [ read more ]

Preserved Tattoos

July 8 2015

Have you ever wondered if you could preserve your tattoos after you pass? Me either, until now. Thanks to the wonderful people at London’s Wellcome Collection and London’s Science Museum, we are able to see what tattoos from the early… [ read more ]

Tattoos of Cowboys and Indians

July 8 2015

Perhaps the most originally American form of entertainment is the Western. Fiction stemming from the days of our western expansion and the lawless situation in those lands has captured the hearts of Americans young and old for years. Pretending to… [ read more ]

Social Media Tips for Tattoo Artists

July 7 2015

For a tattoo artist keeping a hard copy portfolio is the best way to show potential clientele that walk through the shop doors just how great your work is, but what about the people that are not walking through your… [ read more ]

16 Tattooed TV Characters

July 7 2015

We can’t help but notice whenever our favorite TV characters end up showing off their tattoos. Sometimes the tattoo is nothing more than some ink that the actor or actress already had. Other times, like in the case of the… [ read more ]

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