The Tattoos of Jenna Jameson

October 27 2015

Jenna Jameson hasn’t performed in an adult film in over 7 years but she is still the most recognizable name in the industry, a fact that isn’t likely to change for decades. As one of the first adult actresses to… [ read more ]

Irresistible Hand and Finger Tattoos

October 26 2015

For those who are familiar with the process of getting a tattoo, you know very well that the hands and fingers can be a pretty sensitive spot to get inked. The skin is thin, there are a lot of little… [ read more ]

VIDEO: Tattoos Spring to Life in ‘Ink Mapping’

October 23 2015

Everyone has gotten a chuckle when an old timer whips out his Sailor Jerry tattoo on his forearm and makes her “dance,” but what if that tattoo could actually come to life in full animation? Sounds impossible, right? Obviously you’ve… [ read more ]

Halloween Costumes Making the Most of Your Tattoos

October 23 2015

With Halloween almost a week away, it’s time to throw together a kick ass costume that won’t hurt your wallet in the end. Halloween costumes appear to be getting more and more pricey every year, so it’s smart to use… [ read more ]

It’s All Roses for David Beckham

October 23 2015

It’s been a couple of weeks since we last saw the British football star, so it’s high time that we hear about David Beckham adding another piece to his already extensive tattoo collection. In a picture shared by his wife,… [ read more ]

Commonly Misspelled Tattoos

October 22 2015

It should go without saying that getting a tattoo is a permanent decision (laser removal aside, and who wants to endure that pain?). You actively toy with the idea of what you want, perfecting it in your mind and with… [ read more ]

Canada’s First Tattooed Prime Minister

October 21 2015

Photo Gallery Follows the Text The United States may still be up in the air about who our next president will be, but on October 19th Canada elected their new Prime Minister, Liberal Justin Trudeau, the son of former Prime… [ read more ]

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