Will ’31’ be the Movie Horror Fans Have Been Waiting For?

January 7 2016

Photo Gallery Follows the Text For seemingly forever horror fanatics, like us, have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the perfect horror film. What we crave is a movie that not only has over the top gore but also a… [ read more ]

Ray Liotta Talks About Meeting a Fan with a Liotta Tattoo

January 7 2016

Here at Inked we spend a lot of time introducing you to amazing artists and reminding people that good work ain’t cheap. If this Ray Liotta fan had only listened to us he wouldn’t have been shamed in front of… [ read more ]

Myths and Misconceptions About Tattoos Debunked

January 7 2016

It was only a short time ago that seemingly everyone believed that only gang members and punks got tattoos. People also thought that getting ink would set people up for failure and that every tattoo artist was a mean and scary person.  As… [ read more ]

Whose booty is this? Hint: The Tattoos Give it Away

January 6 2016

After many heated arguments with loved ones we were starting to believe that being able to name any celebrity just by seeing their tattoos was a completely worthless skill, then this picture came out and totally redeemed our tattoo obsession!… [ read more ]

Julia Carlson from ‘Ink Master’ Needs Your Help

January 5 2016

Our hearts are hurting for Ink Master‘s sweetheart, Julia Carlson. The season 5 contestant lost her husband Albert unexpectedly and now she’s on a mission to get him a headstone for his grave. “It pains me every time my children… [ read more ]

Tattoos by Megan Hoogland

January 5 2016

Megan Hoogland, a tattoo artist out of Mankato, Minn., has always stunned us with the diversity of her portfolio. Hoogland is able to switch between black & grey and color; she is as apt at portraiture as she is geometric… [ read more ]

Tattooing Ruled a ‘Protected Artistic Expression’ by Federal Court

January 4 2016

While tattooing is far more accepted by the mainstream than it was a few decades ago, tattooists sometimes feel like they are fighting an uphill battle against local government. Business zoning laws are usually the tool used by these governments… [ read more ]

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