VIDEO: Industrial Robot Moonlights As Tattoo Artist

August 11 2016

If you are the type of person that is constantly looking at technology and fearing that it will become self aware (like Skynet!) and lead to the eventual destruction of the human race we suggest that you stop reading right… [ read more ]

The Tattoo App That Does it All

May 17 2016

Tattoodo, the tattoo site co-founded by renowned artist Ami James, has just released the app that the tattooed community has been craving for years. The app, available on both Android and iPhone, is packed with features that will delight tattoo… [ read more ]

5 Perks of the New Samsung Phablets That Will Change Your Life

August 13 2015

Gallery Follows the Text Today Samsung released their brand new 5.7 inch phablets, the Galaxy S6 edge + and the Galaxy Note 5. The smart devices come with exclusive features that will forever change the way you scroll, search, and… [ read more ]

15 Times Siri Got Snarky

June 30 2015

The internet has been abuzz all weekend over a little joke Apple users programmed into Siri, the straight out of 2001 voice that you can talk to using your iPhone. When asked to divide 0 by 0, a mathematical impossibility, Siri responds… [ read more ]

Step into the Future with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

May 22 2015

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is taking everything you ever knew about smart phones and turning it on it’s ear. With the Galaxy S6 Edge Samsung has delivered a high end phone that not only looks better than any other… [ read more ]

This New App is Basically Tinder for your Tattoos

May 12 2015

It doesn’t matter if you are a farmer or a Juggalo, religious or hedonist, there is a dating app designed especially for you. Isn’t about time there was something designed especially for the tattooed people out there? Well, soon there… [ read more ]

Apple Admits Tattoos May Impact Watch’s Performance

May 1 2015

Photo Gallery Follows the Text Earlier in the week we reported on a Reddit user who had difficulty using the Apple Watch due to a tattoo on his wrist. Some were skeptical that a dark colored tattoo could effect the… [ read more ]

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