The Return of the Robotic Tattooer

January 22 2015

The French team behind the 3D-printing tattoo  machine is back at it.  The group whose viral video of a machine designed to tattoo a person without the use of an artist has been slowly improving their contraption over the last… [ read more ]

Dine Like It’s 1979

January 21 2015

We can all agree that far too much time at the dinner table is spent connecting with people via smartphone rather than getting to know the friendly folks you’re sharing a meal with. Few things are worse than finding points… [ read more ]

Samsung Raises the Bar with the Galaxy Alpha

September 30 2014

From the very first time you pick up Samsung’s Galaxy Alpha it feels completely different than any other phone in the Galaxy line—it’s made of metal. Gone is the plastic that defined early models as it has been replaced by… [ read more ]

Samsung’s Fall Line Introduces Virtual Reality

September 3 2014

Have you ever wanted to go and see your favorite band front row but haven’t even been able to get nosebleed seats before the whole show sold out? Well, what would you do if suddenly there was a way to… [ read more ]

Samsung’s Stunning Galaxy Tab S Tablet

July 15 2014

The brand-new Samsung Galaxy Tab S* is so impressive that it manages to wow users even before it is turned on; the tablet is so light that it feels like you are holding nothing at all. Measuring in with a… [ read more ]

Smarter Than Your Average Phone

April 21 2014

The Samsung world has been tirelessly working to improve their user’s day-to-day life with their smart tech aimed to benefit the user based solely on functionality rather than fad.  Now that the Samsung Galaxy S5 is finally here, the world… [ read more ]

Send a Text from Your Watch

October 10 2013

The latest thing to come from the world of Samsung is the brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with its accompanying gear. As typical with the recent smartphones from Samsung, the Note 3 is a pretty big size. At 5.7… [ read more ]

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