Video Game (Video Games)

  • Call of Duty Black Ops 2: Los Angeles 2025

      Call of Duty fanatics beware… You are not ready or worthy of the sheer genius that is embedded in the new video game. The amount that you all have been waiting is nothing but gracious because the work the… [ read more ]

  • Nintendo Introduces “Art Of Ink” Video Game In UK

    Gamers in the UK looking to work on their tattoo skills will be able to do so thanks to Nintendo’s release of “Art of Ink” for Nintendo3DS, a video game that allows players to take on the role of tattoo… [ read more ]

  • Xbox 360 Controllers With 9mm Buttons

    Step your game up with these limited edition DieselLaceDesign Xbox 360 controllers featuring 9mm bullet shells as buttons. Not interested in buying a while new controller? They are also selling DIY kits so you can upgrade your current controller.

  • The Amazing Spiderman

    From the hard-core comic book fan to the casual Tony Hawk gamer, video game developers Beenox and Activision have released something that is sure to excite all gamers. The Amazing Spiderman captures the web-swinging action seen in the comics and… [ read more ]