Watch: Tattooed Guy Pranks Wife Into Thinking He Blew Up Their Child

October 13 2015

Roman Atwood is the man. I don’t think we would have the balls to do this to our significant others.

Watch Sarah Mudle Rip Off Her Own Head

September 30 2015

We’re mere hours away from October which means that tattooed model Sarah Mudle is about to begin her annual countdown to Halloween. As we showed you last year, Mudle gives herself a new look each day leading up to her… [ read more ]

Watch The Most Painful Piercing Video Ever

September 17 2015

Getting any body modification can be nerve wracking, especially when you have someone filming your every move. Unfortunately, the piercer in this video was not ready for what was coming next. Check out the video of the most painful piercing you will… [ read more ]

Guy With Fake “Mike Tyson” Face Tattoo Tries to Get License

August 26 2015

Pretty ballsy of this guy who walked into the DMV with a temporary Mike Tyson tattoo on his face. Do you think they’ll let him take a his drivers license photo while wearing it?    

Do You Know What Makes Tattoos Permanent?

August 25 2015

You know what makes a good tattoo but, do you know exactly how tattoos work? TED-Ed’s (that’s right TED and Inked have common interests) Claudia Aguirre put together this four-minute video to explain how and why you can get inked.

Watch: Japanese Hand Poke Tattooing Tebori

August 24 2015

  You’ve no doubt heard of Japanese hand-poke tattoos but have you ever seen the gorgeous process? Following is a video on the process of Tebori.

Watch: Ruby Rose Shows That Tattoos are Sexy

August 24 2015

Ruby Rose—former Inked cover girl and Stella Carlin on Orange is the New Black—wrote, produced and starred in this very short film Break Free (5:17). She says it is “about gender roles, trans, and what it is like to have an… [ read more ]

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