• Sullen Art Collecitve Tattoo Timelapse

    Freshly Inked, along with a few other great tattoo-loving companies such as Stencil Stuff and H2Ocean, have teamed up with Sullen Art Collective to sponsor some amazing footage of tattoos from start to finish.  But don’t worry, you won’t have… [ read more ]

  • Valerie Vargas Featured in Season Two of Tattoo Age

      Vice kicked off season two of its addictive tattoo documentary, Tattoo Age, on September 12. The series offers in-depth interviews and stunning tattoos. Episode one features Frith Street artist Valerie Vargas. Of her tattooing style, Vargas explains, “Personally, I… [ read more ]

  • Seeing Spots: Artist creates lifelike portrait with tiny dots

    Armed with a single pen and some homemade rigs, Miami-based artist Miguel Endara filmed a video while he created a drawing of his father, using only dots. 3.2 million dots, to be exact. The self-taught artist practiced his pointillism in… [ read more ]

  • The Gypsy Gentleman Ties Tattoo Culture, History and Travel Into One Tidy Tattooed Package

    If you love tattoos, you’ll love The Gypsy Gentleman. The web series follows its tattoo artist host, Marcus Kuhn, as he travels to different cities and explores their vibrant tattoo culture. In each episode, Kuhn is accompanied by two local… [ read more ]

  • Amanda Markowski for Inked Girls Magazine

    Check out this behind the scenes video from Amanda Markowski’s shoot for Inked Girls Magazine Vol. 3 Issue 5. 

  • Mishka Summer 2012 Collection Video Lookbook with Spencer Nuzzi

    Skater Spencer Nuzzi and Mishka are back once again, and this time with some visual aesthetics. Giving viewers another look into their Summer 2012 collection, they have perfectly used the skills of Nuzzi to highlight what the brand is all… [ read more ]

  • Tattoo Shop Tattoos Nelson Mandelas Face for Mandela Day!

    In celebration of Mandela Day, an international holiday marking the birthday of an extraordinary man who fought long and hard for the people of South Africa and humanity alike, a tattoo shop in Pretoria got creative. Below is a raw… [ read more ]