SUPRA Presents The Society Heartbreaker Il

February 6 2012

The second installment of the Heartbreaker line will be released on February 11 as a Society style shoe with a red waxed suede and red Express TUF upper on a black sole with white foxing and red pinstripes. Some other… [ read more ]

Sailor Jerry + Inked Magazine Calendar Release Bar Crawl

December 7 2011

Last night Sailor Jerry and Inked Magazine went on a bar crawl in LES in celebration of the Inked x Sailor Jerry 2012 calender release. Calendar girls Ginger and Azarja were just two of the lovely ladies who took part… [ read more ]

Grandmother of Six Gets ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ Tattoo

September 7 2011

A mother of two, and grandmother, Joy Tomkins decided that she did not want to be brought back to life in a medical emergency following the slow death of her husband Malcom. She had ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ tattooes across her… [ read more ]

Amber Rose Answers Your Questions

August 29 2011

We’ve never done it before, but we wanted to give our readers the opportunity to interview gorgeous goddess Amber Rose. The image above was taken last night at the MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles with her boyfriend (and… [ read more ]

Older Inked-Up Ladies

August 22 2011

If you caught The Today Show this morning, you may have seen a story that is not all that surprising. According to the National Tattoo Association, there’s been an increase in the number of women of advanced age coming in… [ read more ]

Ask Mary :: Too Soon to Tell

September 3 2010

I’ve heard so many different opinions on this matter but when is it ok to call someone after the first date? (Sara, 19, Honolulu, HI) The age old question when is too soon? In an age of instant video uploads,… [ read more ]

Ask Mary :: Unforgettable Past

August 6 2010

My girlfriend has the name of her ex boyfriend tattooed on her wrist and it makes me nauseous when I look at it. Can I ask her to remove it or cover it or get it removed? (Mikey, 32, Hoeboken,… [ read more ]

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