Tattoo Aftercare

So I have been getting tattooed now for 14 years and have run the gamut on tattoo aftercare. Many factors influence conditions including the type of skin you have, location of the tattoo (whether it is covered), and the climate you live in. I used to keep it wrapped for 24 hours, wash with anti-bacterial soap, use some kind of antibacterial ointment, then move on to lotion. I’ve tried plenty of different lotions, but I won’t mention any favorites. Then I got my hand tattooed in Canada by this amazing female tattoo artist. She made me run my hand under super hot water and then ice cold water and then use Lubriderm straight up. It burned but only for a minute and for sure it was the best and easiest heal. That is the method that I committed to from that tattoo on. It is considered an old Japanese method.

What works best for you? Do you have a favorite tattoo aftercare product?

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