Tattoo Artist Andy Howl Puts Paintings On Display

Florida tattoo artist and painter Andy Howl has a new exhibit running at HOWL Gallery in Ft. Myers. The collection of paintings and prints blend an array of pop-culture icons and Ft. Myers landmarks.

Howl created the designs for the local Dean building as an art commission. In creating the images, Howl chose a mixed media style of painting by using “acrylic transfers from digitally manipulated photos, hand drawn cartoon imagery and an expressive painterly technique”. He also utilized the photo archive at the Ft. Myers History Museum as a source of information.

With over two decades of artistry experience, Howl used vintage Americana and Japanese monster movies as core inspiration for his work. For example, Mr. Peanut is a fire-breathing menace wreaking havoc over the Kress building. Video game characters Space Invaders are seen along a retro Ft. Myers skyline.

The original versions of Howl’s work will have a permanent home at the Dean building, while full size as well as smaller digital versions will be on display at HOWL Gallery. Those looking to purchase their own copies of Howl’s prints will be able to do so at various prices at the exhibit.

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