Tattoo artist creates new nipples for cancer survivor

You won’t find a lot of tattoo artists telling their clients that they could win a wet t-shirt contest after their tattoos are complete. Then again, few artists work the sort of magic that Vincent “Vinnie” Myers does. Myers has dedicated the last 10 of his 28 years as a tattoo artist concentrating primarily on women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and have undergone mastectomies as a result. Using shadowing techniques and a very client-specific color palette, Myers recreates a perfect 3-D illusion of the nipple and areola so that his clients can feel “whole again”, as Myers puts it. He says that the entire process is “far more rewarding than anything else I have ever done”.

Approximately 200,000 cases of breast cancer are detected in the United States every year and while Myers cannot take away the pain or the process of having been diagnosed with cancer, he can restore some confidence to the women who have experienced the ordeal.


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