Tattoo Convention Brings Crowds To Mexico City

Those with tattoos and those looking to get tattooed descended upon Mexico City this weekend for the annual Tattoo Art Mex 2012.
Also at the convention was “Vampire Woman,” whose real name is Maria Jose Cristerna. She has tattoos, over thirty piercings, titanium horn implants, and even dental fangs.
Attendees at Tattoo Art Mex seek out artists for new tattoos or to work on ones that they have already. Whatever the reason for being there, the love of getting a tattoo is the common thread.
“I got my first tattoo when I was 18 and it just kind of ignited a fire within me, and I can’t stop,” said tattoo model Danae Ayala.
Alfredo Garcia, a tattoo artist also known as “Diore,” said, “All sorts of people are getting tattoos. It’s becoming more common. Not just to get a tattoo, but to have a mark on your body.”
He also noted that he has recently seen many older women and men come into his studio to get tattoos.
Around 20,000 people were expected to attend the convention.

Source: Sky News

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