Tattoo Parlors Must Clean Up Act Thanks To New Law

Starting on July 1, California tattoo parlors will have to comply with the regulations enforced by the Safe Body Act that was passed in October.

Businesses that work in body modification will be required to register with local governments and receive annual health and safety screenings, as well as follow 25 other rules in the law.

Terri Williams, the assistant director for the environmental health division of the public health department for Los Angeles County, said, “Now that the bill has passed, the intent is for enforcement across the state.”

The law prevents anyone under the age of 18 from getting a tattoo regardless of parental consent and all businesses must display their state license. However, tattoo/piercing businesses are upset that mall kiosks that pierce ears aren’t being regulated as well.

Because of the increase in people getting tattoos, it has caused the number of donations in giving blood to drop because of the required one-year waiting period to give blood after receiving a tattoo (unless one received their tattoo at a state-regulated parlor that didn’t reuse their ink). Some are hoping the new law will up those donation numbers.

Nick Samaniego, the Southern California Region American Red Cross spokesperson, said, “We have to turn away a lot of people who have recent piercings and tattoos. This is one of the few instances that there’s potential to grow the donor pool.”

“Our service is tattoos, but we sell credibility. People need to feel safe,” said Clay Clement, who owns Studio City Tattoo. He, as well as other local parlors have no problem following these new rules.


Source:  LA Daily News

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