Tattoo Shop Fined $9,000 for Mistake

A tattoo shop in Nova Scotia was ordered to pay $9,000 to a customer after they made a mistake on her tattoo. Maria Huckle got “See You at the Crossroads” tattooed on the side of her stomach in memory of a deceased friend. However, when she got home, she noticed the artist left out an “R” so the tattoo read “See You at the Cossroads.” The ink shop’s owner refunded Huckle her money and offered to fix the tattoo, but Huckle decided to get it completely removed instead. By the time of the trial, the shop had already paid for eight tattoo removal sessions, but Huckle wanted them to pay for 15 more. The court ordered the shop to fork out $6,000 for the extra 15 sessions, $2,300 for aftercare products, $184 for gasoline for Huckle’s trips to and from the clinic, and over $400 in other fees. Moral of the story? Always use spell-check.  

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