Tattoo Shop Supports Hate Crime Victim

Hartland Tattoo in Lincoln, Neb. is raising money for a woman who reported that she was brutally assaulted in a hate crime last month.
Adam Hart, the shop’s owner, is offering “NOH8” tattoos for $40 and is donating $10 from each of the tattoos to Charlie Rogers, who told local authorities that three masked men victimized her by carving anti-gay slurs into her skin and then tried setting her house on fire.
“The NOH8 is a message of equality and acceptance, not just a gay message,” Hart said, whose friend received the tattoo in support for Rogers and thus inspired him to start the fundraiser. The tattoo normally goes for $75.
So far the shop has raised $500 for Rogers and Hart plans on continuing the $10 donations from the tattoos for another couple of weeks.
The money is in a bank account for Rogers, but she won’t be able to receive the money or have access to it until the investigation of the July 22nd attack is finished.

Source: Journal Star

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