alice in wonderland

  • Alice in Wonderland

    I love Alice in Wonderland!

  • Cheshire Cat

    I’m absolutely bonkers

  • Alice in wonderland

    I chose alice in wonderland because everyone perceives life in a different way and we all have are own unique experiences that led us down different paths to become the person we are today! My tattoo was done by Jess… [ read more ]

  • Alice in Wonderland

    It came from an idea I had while on acid. The sheet of acid had the mad hatter on it and it changed my life (while I was on it)

  • prison ink

    5 years in prison and got my whole body done besides my left arm was done on the streets.

  • Cheshire cat

  • Alice In Wonderland

    It was a birthday gift from a friend Ivan Chesnokov! He is a tattoo artist and a good man! Together we travel, and participate in conventions tattoos. Creating tattoos helped me find a good friend, freedom, YOURSELF!