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  • Alice In Wonderland

  • Chesh

    Alice is my all Time Favourite Story.

  • Jabberwocky

    Favourite film growing up and loved the design

  • trippy sleeve

    the three large portraits are my favorite movies of all time; Alice in wonderland, fight club, and fear and loathing in Las Vegas. also, I started my fill in with subjects from the movies. I also have Ralph Steadman inspired… [ read more ]

  • Madness in Wonderland

    “Have I gone mad? -I’m afraid so, but let me tell you something, the best people are.” That quote from Lewis Carrolls Alice in Wonderland inspired me to create this image. To me it signifies acceptance of differentiality. All my… [ read more ]

  • Cheshire cat

    We are all mad here. And wonderland is within us.

  • Alice defeats the Jabberwocky

    Alice defeating the Jabberwocky represents myself overcoming/slaying some of my own demons. I also had my artist draw a pin-up version of Alice b/c who doesn’t want a sexy lady on their arm? Also, I wanted her to represent my… [ read more ]

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