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  • Alice In Wonderland

    It was a birthday gift from a friend Ivan Chesnokov! He is a tattoo artist and a good man! Together we travel, and participate in conventions tattoos. Creating tattoos helped me find a good friend, freedom, YOURSELF!

  • Kitty kat

    I’ve always been in love with Tim Burton and have always wanted a full sleeve dedicated to him.

  • mad hatter- Alice in Wonderland

  • Alice In Wonderland

    Love the movie!

  • Alice

    I have a full sleeve with this theme. It was a major book, movie, and story behind it that got me to get this tattoo.

  • Alice In Wonderland outline


  • Trusting The Fall

    For me, a tattoo is a small reflection of your soul. This piece reminds me everyday that life isn’t about fighting the falls in life, it’s about learning to trust it because every negative occurrence in your life will always… [ read more ]