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  • Alien


  • Aliens

    Always have a warrior at your back

  • Xenomorph Phil

    A girl should always have a Warrior at her back – and the Alien movies are AWESOME !! Jeffery Meyer is the best guy for doing this for me !!

  • Marshall

    I’m a crazy cat lady. I love my fur babies I have at home and the ones I take with me everywhere.

  • Soul of planets

    I’ve been waiting this tattoo for a long time, this is just when they finished doing, has great significance for me as it is the first tattoo I’ve done that each of the planets is a part of me, shows… [ read more ]

  • Alien

    I was always a bit interested in aliens, and I like a good science fiction movie sometimes, so that’s what this tattoo represents. It will be a leg sleeve with a Science Fiction theme to it.

  • Alien vs Predator

    Represents my love for the Alien vs Predator movies.

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