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  • Austin Texas

    ATX 512. Born and raised. First professional tattoo.

  • ambigram fire dragon

    the ambigram are the names of my wife, son and daughter. I was born on 03:16:1976 – Year of the fire dragon. the Chinese character below is the John 3:16

  • Sinner Saint

    Every sinner has a future and every saint has a past. One side of the cross is broken and one side is perfect.

  • Music is Life

    The ambigram in the center reads music one direction and breathe the other and represents my connection to music. The lilies represent my mother (gold), father (blue), and myself (pink) and the idea that even though we aren’t always together… [ read more ]

  • Loyalty/Respect Ambigram

    What I live by.

  • Blessed Saint Sinner Forever

    Got this tattoo after loss of a child

  • One Love/Family ambigram

    this tattoo is an ambigram. This means it reads Family in one directions and if flipped 180° it reads One Love.

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