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  • Native American Inspired Totem Pole Leg Piece

  • Mt. Rushmore

    Symbolizes what america is all about

  • Bleed Red, White, and Blue

    My whole family is military. I used to think I’d follow their path, but I’ve chosen a different one. However, my love for my country runs through my veins.

  • american flag

    Fun one to tattoo!

  • German-American Pride

    I was raised to take pride in my German roots as well as being proud to call the best damn country in the world my birthplace and home

  • Half Sleeve American Flag Tattoo

    This is a tribute for EVERYONE who made this country what is today. I love this country more than anything else in the world. This tattoo is honestly just who I am. Your stereotypical Patriotic, Angry American who bleeds Red… [ read more ]

  • Cowgirl and inked by David Bell

    1. Its rich and brilliant color reminds me of the time when I was young buying these temporary tattoos that you would moisten and place on your skin this resulted in a brilliantly rich tapestry that would last for days…. [ read more ]