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  • Sea

    In this tattoo the flowers represent my grandmother and my mother the anchor and the boat wheel resent my grandfather who was a captain and my dad who also used to be a captain

  • Bruno Clark

    It’s different level of my life…

  • anchors

    Faith, love, and hope. Corrintheans 13:13

  • dedicated fallen soldier

    I went and got this tattoo done the day after one of my best friends past away. It is in his memory and it is the single most significant tattoo I have. Quintin Lopez is his name which is what… [ read more ]

  • Elena

    Elena was rhe most importan person in my life

  • Family tree

    This tattoo basically is my love for fall, family and trees. It represents my family tree. The anchor entangled in the roots holds just keeps us stronger.

  • unsinkable

    My grandfather was in the Navy & my parents spend a lot of time on their boats. My family keeps me grounded and help me keep my way, this is for them, my mother and step father in particular. They… [ read more ]