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  • My Tattoos Are My Story

    It represents my pirate ancestry.

  • To my grandfather

    Stories of my grandfather and the man he was helped me shape my self in to the adult I want to be so for my first tattoo I dedicated it to him because he was in the navy and had… [ read more ]

  • Grampy

    My Grampy was really important in my life, he was a sailor, a rock in the family, and everyone trusted him. When he passed in 2002 I really didn’t know what tattoos were back then, but as I grew older… [ read more ]

  • Grandpa Love

    This tattoo for me is the memory of my granpa, he died the last year and he was a sailor.

  • Anchor

    email for booking. – Trevor Moss, Sarasota, FL


    This tattoo started as a tattoo in honor of my little brother who passed away… It started with the anchor, saying, and rope “J”… then I decided fuck it, lets make it a whole side piece for him… So then… [ read more ]

  • Sea

    In this tattoo the flowers represent my grandmother and my mother the anchor and the boat wheel resent my grandfather who was a captain and my dad who also used to be a captain