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  • Elena

    Elena was rhe most importan person in my life

  • Family tree

    This tattoo basically is my love for fall, family and trees. It represents my family tree. The anchor entangled in the roots holds just keeps us stronger.

  • unsinkable

    My grandfather was in the Navy & my parents spend a lot of time on their boats. My family keeps me grounded and help me keep my way, this is for them, my mother and step father in particular. They… [ read more ]

  • Egyptian anchor

    The stargazer lilys have always been an icon in my life and the anchor represents my husband who always keeps me grounded. The Egyptian ankh at the top of the anchor represents life.

  • family

    It’s for my daughter and family

  • Believe

    The word above my eyebrow says believe coz u should always believe in yourself even if others don’t. And the skulls and flowers are significant to me because they are dark and my life has been quite dark.