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  • Angel wings

    It represent me of who I am as a person . I save the ones around me weather is for personal edvice . Support anything ..

  • Red rose and lace

    For me one of the coolest tattoos i did lately and it’s just a bit different you dont see something like it as fast :)!

  • My Angles

  • PCOS angel

    The color of the heart is teal, teal is the awareness ribbon color for a hormone disorder called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, or PCOS. The wings and halo of this tattoo is dedicated to the other woman with this disease and… [ read more ]

  • in loving memory of baby Luis

    This tattoo is my first tattoo and it means a lot to me. My first baby passed away on 6/08/2013. Everything on my tattoo has to do with my baby but the scorpion has to do with my Zodiac Sign.

  • Angel wings

    This tattoo really inspired me and showed me I didn’t have to be like everyone else I could lead my own way. Jori Lawrence

  • Angel Wings

    I’ve always loved angels and the guardian angel belief. And always wanted huge angel wings on my back

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